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    Five song titles
    Five verses
    Match the title with the tune. Note: this "guess that tune" thread is only the beginning!)
    Example: 1 (A) [note: this is only an example...not the correct answer). But, you get my drift.
    Furthermore: I will give the correct answers sometime NEXT WEEK (give everyone in here an equal opportunity to guess!

    1, Mmm bop
    2, Midas Touch
    3, Wake me up before you go-go
    4, Walk Like an Egyptian
    5, Smooth Criminal

    A: Like searchin’, tryin’ to find the rainbow
    No one’s ever found it, yet it’s told to be
    But if you’re lookin’ for a lover
    Everything you need, you can find right here with me

    B: All the school kids so sick of books
    They like the punk and the metal band

    C: So They Came Into The Outway It Was Sunday-What A Black Day
    Mouth To Mouth Resus-Citation Sounding Heartbeats- intimidations

    D: You have so many relationships in this life Only one or two will last You go through all the pain and strife Then you turn your back and they're gone so fast And they're gone so fast Oh so hold on the ones who really care In the end they'll be the only ones there When you get old and start losing your hair
    E: You take the grey skies out of my way You make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day Turned a bright spark into a flame My beats per minute never been the same
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    1. D
    2. A
    3. E
    4. B
    5. C

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    Everyone can see it,
    But only you can feel its true warmth!!!

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