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    Re: Guess the "Mod" Game Winner!

    The only one I got was the poor driving one and that was because it had to be a female. Congrats Cajun.


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    Re: Guess the "Mod" Game Winner!

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    You are correct...BUT the last clue was when Webby said "The tip of the iceberg" and someone speculated that it could be #7...if that was true, then one of the three answers that RK and Fuad had that everyone ASSUMED was correct had to be I substituted Webby instead of Neumdog...then that meant that each of them had to have another DIFFERENT answer correct to get their three correct answers. So if I figured those two answers out then I would have 5 of the 7 that I needed.

    The next thing was to figure out who had the 4 answers correct...and actually TWO of the members did (but NOT RK or Fuad), so I figured out which people that it COULDN'T be...that left very few options so by using the modified RK and Fuad list (which put Webby at #7 instead of Neumdog), I figured out who those two people were (I forget just now but I can go back and figure it out again). Then, I used those two people's guesses PLUS the modified RK and Fuad guesses to figure out the proper answers. I actually ALMOST screwed it up, but upon double checking my figures, I got the proper order that made the best sense.

    Face it, singer...I AM THE KING!!! :lol:
    So what your saying is the clue that put Webby at #7 helped you in your final decision.

    You're welcome! :wink:

    That's what I was waiting to hear.

    "singersp" wrote:
    I think Webby threw out a clue when he said "tip of the iceburg" meaning he's either 1) the "tip" or 7) which refers to "frigid".

    Shock I think tossed out a clue when he hinted he was not 3).

    I don't know if WBL's capitalized "A LOT" means anything...
    When you were trying to figure out who had 4 right, one only needed to look for who that could be between Ultras statement of "2 people had 4 right" & "Faud & RK had 3 right".

    Shocks comment also lead me to believe he was not number 3.

    Unfortunately, I took my third guess before knowing that someone had 4 right, but my 3rd guess was one of the two that had 4 right, based on what I knew so far.

    You & I were thinking along the same lines in our approach to the correct answer, except I exhausted my 3 guesses to early.

    That's why I thru those clues out there. :wink:

    Brilliant minds think alike.

    Congrats on the win Caj!

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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