lRex Grossman Confident Enough to Start Throwing Into Triple Coverage Again

Following a solid performance on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks in which he didn’t single-handedly lose the game for his team thanks to making solid, conservative decisions, Chicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman says his confidence is restored – and so much so that he plans to recommence trying to fit the ball into almost impossible spots to Bears receivers in double and triple coverage.

“I know my coaches, teammates and Bears fans were all concerned about my confidence level heading into Sunday’s game,” said Grossman. “But they don’t need to worry about that anymore. I’m totally back and feeling good about myself and I’m completely confident that I can make the kind of gutty, go-for-broke, consequences-be-damned throws that quarterbacks have to repeatedly make if they hope to win a Super Bowl. So no need to lose any sleep over Rex Grossman anymore, Chicago.”

Bears coach Lovie Smith says he is glad Grossman is feeling good again, but is worried his young quarterback is setting himself up for yet another terrible performance.

“Oh, jeez. It’s either one extreme or the other with this guy. I think he might need to be on some sort of medication,” said Smith. “After bad games he’s so low that you worry he could hurt himself, and then he plays a decent game and he’s running around like he has it all figured out and can’t be stopped by anyone. I just wish that once he could maintain some sort of level head and then stay out of everyone’s way on the field. Trust me, I wish we had better options, but at least I know this head case will show up sober every day. I can’t say the same for Brian Griese and Kyle Orton.”

Grossman says his newfound confidence will be doubly lethal for his upcoming opponents.

“I’ve found that when you force a ball into a receiver who is blanketed by two or three guys and somehow complete the pass, it really deflates the opposing defense,” said Grossman. “Sure, it’s easier to complete a pass to someone who is wide open, and that’s what lesser quarterbacks do, but I want to rip the other team’s heart out. That’s why I plan to throw into double and triple coverage a lot this week.”