Disclaimer: No I'm not getting money by site whoring or getting a referral or anything from this, I don't know the guy who created the site (It used to be called Cosmic Consensus back in the day, I just happened to stumble across this) and no, I don't know who re-created the game. I'm just spreading the word about this because tonight was the first night in weeks where I've actually seen other people on and actually got to play, and now I wanna play more heh.

Bascially it's a survey game, you get asked questions about any sort of topic and the more popular answers moves you up the steps for "IQ Points", essentially the top 10 people (a game holds 100 people) win that round. (the site explains it in much more details, there's a lot more than just what I said heh)

So yeah, spread the word, I actually want to play this more and it really is a fun game.

Disclaimer the second: I just remembered the now defunct site this game was re-created from.
It also had games like Acrophobia (that game exists on another site but isn't near as fun as Cosmic Consensus AKA Discordia) Get The Picture, etc.