From this article on ESPN:

2. Professional-grade helmet reproductions by Gridiron Memories. Prefer your football-related gifts to be full-size, instead of miniature? Gridiron Memories is the place to go for classic helmet reproductions, authentic in every detail, right down to the thread patterns in the interior web suspensions. They've got a few NFL and WFL helmets, but that's just window dressing -- the heart of the program is the NCAA lineup. Check it out: 16 different U. of Miami designs, 13 from West Virginia, a dozen from Texas A&M, 15 from Colorado, eight from USC, and that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Plus they've got a huge supply of face masks and accessories, so you can design your own custom helmet. Prepare to be blown away once you click here.

Very cool, especially for the college fans.