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    Gov. makes son drive tractor before car

    COLUMBIA, S.C. - Sometimes it's just not easy being the son of the governor. Before you get in the car, you've gotta get on the tractor. The annual holiday card from Gov. Mark Sanford and his wife Jenny tells how their son Marshall, 15, is learning how to drive.

    He is now driving "despite being forced by his dad to log 100 hours on the tractor in the fields before being allowed in a car on the street," the card said.

    However, Marshall apparently got even in tennis. "He easily beats his dad on the court and this fall he got to play briefly with Pete Sampras and Jim Courier," the card read.

    The card also tells the adventures of the governor's three other sons.

    Landon, 14, just finished his first varsity cross country season and 11-year-old Bolton played football "despite being the smallest on the team."

    Then there's 9-year-old Blake. During the past year he shot numerous birds and ducks even got an 8-point buck, the first of the boys to do so.

    "I finally did something my brothers didn't do first!" he told his mother.;_ylt=Auh1XAi5C2F3R4qXClg7STYsQ E4F

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    Re: Gov. makes son drive tractor before car

    As a South Carolinian, I can tell you Mark Sanford is a great Governor.
    He is a throwback.
    Very no nonsense, trying to keep spending down, trying to still raise a normal family.
    I really like him.

    Good for Mark making his son spend time on the tractor before the car.
    It worked for my driving lessons as well when I was a kid.

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    Re: Gov. makes son drive tractor before car

    Sounds like a down to earth guy instead of the usual multi millionaire people you see in office.
    Although I didn't have to drive a tractor, I had to learn to drive with a stick shift before I drove an automatic.

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    Re: Gov. makes son drive tractor before car

    When he won election he canceled the numerous high cost balls, and parties that most Governors have, and instead invited all the different groups to one large BBQ on the capitol grounds at like 1/10 the cost of the usual parties.

    Then when the Governors mansion needed to be renovated because of asbestos or something they were planning on renting a huge house for he and his family to live in during the construction.
    Instead he said that his family would live in their normal home back in Charleston (afterall he figured they lived there before he was Governor and would live there again after he was done, so why not), and he moved into the pool house on the capitol grounds by himself during the week thus saving the money.

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    Re: Gov. makes son drive tractor before car

    I'm not sure why this is even making news. Here in the midwest farm states you can legally drive a tractor before you can drive a car.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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