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    Got my first win as HC.

    My 6th grade football team played yesterday and the team came out pretty lethargic and fell behind 6-0 at halftime mostly due to penalties at the worst times. But at half time I gave them a speech that would make Lombardi blush and told them I needed 2 scores in the second half.

    In the third they were running a wishbone offense that we hadn't seen yet and my son Zack was playing LDE so I told him to keep his contain and take out the two blockers so the tailback would be exposed. The QB pitched the ball, it bounced off the pads of the back, hit the ground and bounced right into my sons hands where he caught it in full stride and ran it to the endzone for a score. He then led the team to a score on offense as the QB and nearly ran in another one where he got tackled right at the goal line.

    Fun game to coach.

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    Nothing feels better than being able to share knowledge with someone and they get it and understand it and are able to apply it. Congrats bro. Next step is the Superb Owl.
    We're bringing purple back.


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