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    Golf novice beats the odds to shoot 2 aces in 35 minutes

    [size=18px]Golf novice beats the odds to shoot 2 aces in 35 minutes[/size]
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    Posted: July 5, 2006

    Sanjay Kuttemperoor of Brookfield has played about 25 rounds of golf in his life and has never broken 100. He's never even known the satisfaction of marking a birdie on his score card.

    "My best score is either a 105 or a 106," he said. "I'm obviously not that good."

    Hey, talent is overrated. Ask anyone who's ever won the lottery, or Paris Hilton. Golf is a crazy game, and sometimes, being in the right place at the right time is good enough. On those rare occasions, the stars align and good karma flows and Lady Luck sprinkles pixie dust on your golf ball.

    That's one way, maybe the only way, to explain how a 38-year-old novice golfer could do something that even Tiger Woods has never done.

    On June 24, Kuttemperoor made two holes-in-one in a five-hole span at Treetops Resort in Treetops Village, Mich. He used his Callaway 8-iron on both shots.

    Lloyds of London set the odds for such a feat at 67 million to 1. Based on those odds, a golfer would have to play a round of golf 365 days a year for 183,561 years to accomplish it.

    Kuttemperoor did it in, oh, about 35 minutes.

    "I would have to say it was a lot of luck," he said. "I can't take too much credit."

    Kuttemperoor accomplished the feat while playing with Rick Smith, the swing teacher who works with Phil Mickelson and has coached Vijay Singh, Lee Janzen and Jerry Kelly, among others.

    "I've never seen anything like it in my whole life," Smith said.

    Kuttemperoor started playing golf just a few years ago, when his family's company, V.K. Development, began working on a master-planned community in Naples, Fla., that includes a Tournament Players Course called Treviso Bay.

    He met Smith on one of his visits to Naples. The two hit it off, and Smith, the managing partner at Treetops, invited Kuttemperoor to be his guest for the pro-am before the ING Par-3 Shootout in June, which featured Fred Couples, Chris DiMarco, Craig Stadler and Andy North.

    Before the pro-am, Smith gave Kuttemperoor a few tips.

    "Rick told me I was sitting down too much in my set-up, and that I should straighten my legs a little more and be more on the balls of my feet as opposed to squatting," Kuttemperoor said.

    "On my follow-through, he told me I need to keep my arm straighter so I wasn't scooping at the ball."

    Kuttemperoor, his father, Vincent, and family friend Bob Lanigan then played a practice round with Smith at Threetops, the resort's spectacular par-3 course and the venue for the Shootout.

    "On the (150-yard) fifth hole, I hit a solid shot that was headed right for the pin," Kuttemperoor said.

    "The flag was over a ridge, so you couldn't see the ball after it went over the ridge. Rick looked at me and said, 'Boy, that could be in the hole.'

    "When we got to the green, I saw Rick's ball, but I didn't see mine. I thought: 'Oh, my God, could it have happened? Could I have gotten a hole-in-one?'

    "I walked over to the hole, and there it was."

    On the 135-yard ninth hole, Kuttemperoor hit a shot that squirted to the right. The ball struck a tree branch overhanging the green, popped high into the air and fell straight down onto the putting surface.

    "We drove up to the green, and I didn't see my ball. I thought it was in the rough," Kuttemperoor said.

    "Rick said, 'Sanjay, it's got to be on the green.' I walked over, and there it was, in the hole.

    "Rick was so excited. Quite frankly, I was excited that it happened, but I was more excited that he was so excited."
    There's more

    Kuttemperoor used a Callaway ball for the first ace, then took the ball out of play to save it for posterity.

    He made the second ace with a ball he had been given at a recent charity outing in Kenosha.

    "On one side, the ball said, 'United Hospital System,' and on the other side, it said, 'Lee Plumbing,' " he said. "I looked into the hole, and the first thing I saw was 'Lee Plumbing.' It was hilarious."

    The topper came the next day in the pro-am, when Kuttemperoor was paired with Charlie Rymer of ESPN. Rymer aced the fifth hole.

    Kuttemperoor said Wednesday that he had been too busy to play golf since his two-ace day.

    "A lot of my avid golfer friends are happy for me, but they shake their heads in disbelief," he said. "Everyone says I should stop playing now because it's all downhill from here."

    But Kuttemperoor can't quit now.

    "I still haven't made a birdie," he said with a laugh.
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    Re: Golf novice beats the odds to shoot 2 aces in 35 minutes

    WOW, that awesome. I've never broken 100 on 9 holes of golf.

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    Re: Golf novice beats the odds to shoot 2 aces in 35 minutes

    That is awesome. I'm still chasing my first ace. It always seems that the beginners have more luck with holes in one than real golfers. My college roommate has one and has played less than 15 times while my other roommate was a state champion in high school and plays nearly every day but has never gotten an ace.

    That guy must have a rough life living in Naples and playing in pro ams with Fred Couples


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