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    Sorry Cajun, don't worry though that really isn't the ending. The real ending was him and donny osmond catch a ride on a rainbow to Honalulu and hang out with Dog the bounty hunter.

    Damn it! Sorry again cajun

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    I use only one gauge when judging movies. Entertainment value. I was entertained, so it was a decent movie.

    Yes there were holes, but there always are. Probably the biggest thing that bugged me was that the neighborhood at the end of the movie was completely unscathed, other than a stalled car or two. The buildings were completely intact, with no broken windows, and the whole family was clean and well dressed, the mother, with flowing blonde hair.

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    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "happy camper" wrote:
    "Del Rio" wrote:
    For all those who simply hated it. It was a book, it has a cult following. I am sure the Director attempted to hold true to the original work instead of writing a completely new story.

    If you like the original concept this is a movie for you. If you haven't read any Wells, or you did and you didn't like it. Go watch Alien Vs. Predator or some crap.
    lets face it.. there were things wrong with the movie.

    i thought it was dumb how the kid was like "i just want to see it"

    why the hell would you just wanna see it? i think if he wanted to see it.. they should have made him strap on a AK and help out. it just seems rediculous he was just simply wanting to see it.

    another thing.. the ending. wtf? the movie is cruising along.. and all of a sudden its over! it seems like it skipped 20 minutes of footage. they kill one alien, and they all of a sudden meet thier family and its over.

    the movie has the narrerator explain us the ending. how dumb is that? we should have been able to see the ending. not some guy saying "bacteria killed them" are we supposed to sit back and say "man, im so glad he just told me what happened, i would be pissed if we actually got to see what happened!!" i know there are times when a movie does not reveal its true ending, so that way you can make up your own ending, but this was not one of those times, because the narrerator told us what happened.
    sorry, i was reading posts above mine that were talking about the ending.. got carried away.
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