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    any glassjaw fans here? ive been listening to them since.. geez.. 2000? maybe 2001. either way, seen them 4 times live. i follow daryls other projects too, like head automatica. id reccomend listening to both those bands.

    anyway, glassjaw played live in minneapolis a few years ago, and here's two videos. everyone should download Convectuoso. even if you've never heard of glassjaw. the ending, "who is the meat? and who is the bucther?" is awesome. if you havent heard glassjaw, itd probably be a good introduction.

    Convectuoso -


    if anyone downloads those (probably no one will) let me know what you think.
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    Re: glassjaw

    I thought you were referring to Tice.

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    Re: glassjaw

    "Prophet" wrote:
    I thought you were referring to Tice.
    I thought he was talking about Gerry Kooney

    Man that name from the past just jumped out at me.

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