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Thread: Girls, man...

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    Re: Girls, man...

    "twiztedfait" wrote:
    "WBLVikeBabe" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    All those replies, yet know one knows how or why his GF is pissing him off.

    If you start a thread about it, at least give an explanation to go with it.

    Maybe she has a valid reason to.
    We always have a valid reason, you guys just never undedrstand it.
    It is not that we don't understand.......

    It is just that the "woman book of rules" is blank.
    are no rules written in stone because they are always changing to fit your needs, and emotional status.

    We understand that, we just refuse to fall accecpt it because it is not logical.
    ANY women who need this much attention or "room", so she can be a "woman" is not worth having.
    Just punt and move on to the next one.
    A guy can be VERY picky about what he will stay with as far as women go.
    Oh women act like they have the power, but that is all smoke and mirrors.


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    Re: Girls, man...

    Andrew Dice Clay and Al Bundy!!!
    2 American Heros!!
    When All else least theres Football. Beer, and Women (not necessarily in that order)

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