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    Re: Getting Cheated On =(

    My nice advice:

    Ask her about it.
    Maybe the two of you are just in a funk, maybe she is ready for a change in scenery and is thinking about breaking up with you.
    Talk to her about it and let the cards fall where they may....

    My not-so-nice advice:

    If you aren't gettin it, someone else probably is.

    Good luck dawg....

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    Re: Getting Cheated On =(

    doesn't sound good man, i'd keep my fingers crossed and hope that its just a mood she's in and it may pass.
    just talk to her about it, don't bring up cheating unless you can't get anything out of her.
    i could only imagine what it would feel like to be cheated on.
    good luck, and i hope it works out between you two.

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    Re: Getting Cheated On =(

    Are you dating Rihanna or what?

    Seriously though, get it over with and confront the situation.
    No human being is worth the anguish that she is putting you through.

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