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Thread: Gangs

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    Re: Gangs





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    Re: Gangs

    great now this i can't believe i know about all the gangs first you have blood's (brotherly love of obsessive destruction) and crips(community revolution in progress) which the whole thing is just a territory battle in the streets of compton i think the whole gang war is interesting but also bad. it's interesting because i see all of these music videos where snoop dogg (crip) is in a video with lil wayne (blood) and snoop also did a song with the game called gangbangin 101 so i guess it's just a matter of where your from and that's just all they represent

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    Re: Gangs

    Pissing on the Pack since 08'

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    Re: Gangs

    At this point, gangs offer absolutely NO redeeming merits to anyone.
    What the members don't realize is that by continueing the gang's existence, they perpetuate the adverse conditions they claim drive them into gangs in the first place.
    In this case, the cure IS the disease.

    Hollywood and certain types of music attempt to glamorize gangs.
    They cause suburban idiots in search of validation to adopt a quasi-gang lifestyle to give voice to their angst.
    I find that hillarious in a disgusting sort of way.
    These half-witted turd burglers pose and posture, but in the end, not one of them has any real sense of conviction in their "beliefs".

    Unfortunately, the "real" gangs do.
    They have told the lies to themselves so often that they now actually believe that they have no other option.
    They actually believe that this is the best chnace they have for success when, in actuallity, they are driven further away from real success every day they continue the gang existence.

    I've seen the 10 year old drug couriers.
    I've seen the 13 year olds (and younger) after they've been "beat in".
    I've seen the neighborhoods that fester in the grip of gangs.
    I've even had the older community members tell me that the drug selling gang members were just "trying to provide for their families".


    And the neighborhood crumbled around them, and they were all clueless as to why.
    They all blamed the city, the police, the government....and the social workers agreed with them.

    Idiots...every flippin one of them.


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    Re: Gangs

    gangs are scary
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Gangs

    I grew up on the mean streets of Fargo.

    Gangs were a way of life.

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    Re: Gangs

    The only gangs I like are gang bangs.
    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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    Re: Gangs

    "pack93z" wrote:
    Gangs are like unions, had there place once.. now are nothing more than a cover to move more money, shady transactions and provide a false sense of protection. Only difference is for the most part people in unions are shot, murdered, are worried for their members life.

    I understand some of the dynamics of why kids join gangs, unfortunately most get caught up in the fear that the very same gangs supply, so they feel they have no choice or that it is the easy way out.

    But my personal experiences are limited with the hard core gangs.. so I can't speak much more on the subject.. I personally wish more kids felt they had other choices than gangs.
    There is a good documentary series on gangs on the History Channel right now.
    I caught some of the "Vice Lords" episode last night.
    They tried really hard to go straight for a while...
    Denouncing crime, becoming a non-profit, setting up rec centers, and even opening a couple tastee-freeze franchises to provide legitimate employment for inner city youth in Chicago.
    Unfortunately, everything changed with the assasination
    of MLK Jr.

    I am also a non-union member in a union position.
    Georgia is a right-to-work state.
    I would never go as far as to cross a picket line, but man...
    sometimes it really seems like a cult

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    Re: Gangs

    "litlharsh" wrote:
    It's the offseason, and since most of you have shitty opinions anyway I thought I'd start this thread up. Background: In the Member Pics III thread user "duvaldomo" posted saying he was a member of the Crip gang. This post was made, which piqued my interest:

    A pansyass that joins a gang should be defended?
    Someone that is in a gang that is known to deal drugs, kill people, rob people, etc. should be honored?
    I will rip on the pansy ass all I want and have no problem doing it.
    Hey, I'm a tough guy, I'll go kill innocent people because I'm too much of a pansy to deal with life on my own.
    I would say it to his face in a second.
    He'll be with his 'gang' though because he's so tough that he can't deal with issues dealt to him on his own.

    Go ahead, defend someone that is in a gang.
    Have fun with it.
    If he hasn't done anything yet it's only a matter of time before he does if he's in a gang.
    I know about those gangs and know plenty of sad stories associated with them.
    Not an ounce of respect is deserved.
    Fucking pussy.
    Naturally, the entire basis of the post is bunk because of the immature assumptions made by its author, but I realize there are probably a great many of you out there that agree with the post. Let's try and have a reasonable discussion free from baseless assumptions about the validity, necessity, and inherent morality of gangs.

    But before we start, I'd like to make one thing clear: There is to be NO reference to ANY posters named in this original post. Assess the content, but do NOT question any of the posters' credibility or character outside the context of this debate. This isn't a topic about duvaldomo and his masculinity, so any rips or infantile rips on him will be reported immediately. This is a thread about gangs, not one gang member.

    That said, let's begin.

    The Crips were originally begun to afford its members something even the police could not: safety in their native Los Angeles. From these beginnings has spawned a massive organization with roughly 30,000 members, however gone are the tightly knit beginnings, and the Crips are now "a loosely connected network of individual sets, often engaged in open warfare with one another."

    So the questions are: Are gangs a good thing now? Were they a good thing at their inception? How deeply has their progression influenced America?

    ight then kick it but keep it civilized


    Through the years the gang has grown to be one of the largest and most powerful gangs in the United States, currently with over 30,000 gang members. The gang is known to be involved in murders, robberies, drug dealing, among many other criminal pursuits. The gang is notorious for its gang members' flamboyant use of the color blue in their clothing. However, this practice has waned due to contentious police crackdowns on gang members.

    The Crips are known to have an intense and bitter rivalry with the Bloods as well as with all Mexican street gangs. They are also locked in an ongoing struggle over the drug trade with the Vice Lords in Memphis, Tennessee.[1]

    As a detective, I worked the gang investigation unit. The largest gang in Watts was the Crips.

    The gangs don't care who they kill - children, elderly, teenagers, male or female. They have no human feelings or compassion.

    I investigated a 17-year-old gang member who shot and killed his 16-year-old girlfriend because she argued with him. He was booked for murder - he didn't care at all. They gave him dinner and he ate it all. Then he laid down and slept like a baby.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Gangs

    Time out man, I didnt even know all this was going on. First of all gangs are not alike. Im not even going get into alot of details because when some people hear 'gang' the first thing they think of is killing. Its a very long story about what I want to say right now but I have school in 5mins so I just want to tell you people my gang is on our 50/50 right now, and may stay that way. That means we dont go out and fight people just to do it. However if they come up on us its a different story. More to it but wont get into it. Im a real cool dude to know , but I guess I cant even show some of you that. Before I told this site I was in a gang everyone may of thought I was a cool lay back kind of guy, which I am. Why do you assume everyone that is in a gang is the same? Thats like saying every black person is a racist just because a town of black people are racist, or vice versa. But whatever man think what yall want, I didnt do nothing wrong on this site but yet I get ripped when no one knows half of my life and what happened.

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