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Thread: Game 2

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    Game 2

    Last night my team had our second game. We lost to a team that we should have beat by like 20 points. I don't know what happend. I couldn't believe that we lost to them. We just didn't come to play I guess. The score was 21 to 12. In the very first series of the 2nd quarter I sprained my mcl and I was done for the night, I was so mad. They said I couldnt go back out because if it got hit again it could tear and then my season would be done. So that is really really dumb and hopefully I can start practice on Monday now and get ready for the next game. We will be playing a pretty good team and I will update you guys again after that game next saturday or something. As for right now I'm pretty pissed off.

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    Re: Game 2

    Sorry to hear that CC!
    Hopefully things work out for your team the rest of the season and your injury heals soon!

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    Re: Game 2

    Rest and get well soon, thats the important thing now, there will be many more games for you to play in the future..

    Everyone loses at some time, the important thing is to be able to learn from your lose so as to not lose that same way again...

    Best of luck with your injury...


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    Re: Game 2

    Good luck recovering from your injury.
    Don't worry about the loss, if you learned something from it and the team improved you will be better prepared for the next game.
    Thanks for the update!

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    Re: Game 2

    Thanks guys. The knee is feeling better today. Hopefully by practice tomorrow I will get the ok to run on it and actually practice. That would be nice! ;D

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