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    Re: Galbladder removed?

    if someone if going to go up my butt to get something, i would rather first try to stop it, but if i cant i would rather not know about it. just ask for extra drugs when you go out and you wont even know.

    good luck. i am sure you will be fine. i bet you wont even lose any posting time
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    Re: Galbladder removed?

    Good luck with the surgery GG. I can't really share any info on the procedure, but as you describe it, with the short recovery time, it sounds like you'll be fine.

    I'll cross my fingers that everything goes smoothly.

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    Re: Galbladder removed?

    "Garland" wrote:
    Ok that made me
    a bit squimish :-X

    The mouth I could deal with but the ass hole? OUCH!! I will get Very worried if the tell me to lay on my stomach before hand!
    Tube through the butt doesn't squeam me out nearly as much as the thought of a catheter.


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    Re: Galbladder removed?

    Hey GG, I had my removed 3 years ago, laparoscope surgery took 20 minutes and there were 3 small incision.
    Had the surgery on a Friday and when back to work on Monday....moving slowly but the more I moved the better I felt, my abs were stiff from the surgery and I liked to keep moving.

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