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    Funny Commercials/Ads

    Its been around for a while but I laugh every time I hear the Citizen Eco-Drive watches commercial. 1st time I saw it was when we played the Giants a year or 2 ago and picked off Eli like 5 times it seemed like. Then the commercial comes on...

    "Unstoppable, Eli Manning is...Citizen Eco-Drive watches, Unstoppable like the people who wear it"

    "There are 3 things that sell in America:
    Violence, sex, and drugs.
    The only way you are going to make this game more appealing to the public than it was before is if there are on field orgies at halftime and the domes become massive opium dens."

    [img width=450 height=55]http://img216.imageshac

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    Re:Funny Commercials/Ads

    I have also found that humorous.
    When they are going to use a player in the ad and call him unstoppable, the player should at least be one of the best at their position and definitely perform on a high level on a consistant basis. I can name 5 quarterbacks that are better than Eli Manning.
    Peyton Manning
    Drew Brees
    Brett Favre
    Aaron Rodgers
    I even think that the player they traded him for, Chargers' Philip Rivers, is better than Eli.

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    Re: Funny Commercials/Ads

    Elisha sucks.
    We're bringing purple back.

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