Went into chat about U of Kentucky basketball on a Wildcat site. I registered and was very nice. I was mostly curious about what they were saying regarding Tubby Smith.
I introduced myself as a Kentucky resident and read a few posts. There was one about Tubby Smith's recruiting ability. I noted that his recruiting class was rated #7 in the nation by Scout. I said nothing more or less. No smart remarks. No putting down anyone.
I get this note from the adminstrator: "If you are here to stir up trouble please leave."
I reply back to her: I live in Kentucky. I don't think I'm stirring up trouble. I just stated a fact.
She replies back: "Don't send me another PM. I won't answer you back. Just leave this site and never return."
Gads, they sure are touchy down there. Must be their losing season. They lost to another "unknown" today.