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    Del Rio Guest

    The Fun Had to Stop Sometime

    Pretty steamed right now.

    I went home for lunch and my wife tells me she needs the car. No big deal that means I will drive my truck back to work.

    Get out to my truck and come to find out someone broke into it over the weekend. Stole my Radio, and all the papers out of my glovebox. Now I'm sitting here thinking what the hell was in my glove box?

    I know registration for sure. I don't know what someone could do with my registration but hey it still pisses me off. Cob Gobblers only took the face to my stereo too. So now I can't listen to music and they can't either.

    I don't care about the stereo as much as I do about my paperwork. My idenity isn't worth stealing but I have enough problems to deal with as it is.

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    SamDawg84 Guest

    Re: The Fun Had to Stop Sometime

    that sucks del. i hope you find a way to catch the punks

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: The Fun Had to Stop Sometime

    Take it out on the next troll. I have circumstantial evidence that Pha-Q did it.

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    DemonicViking is offline Ring of Fame
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    Re: The Fun Had to Stop Sometime

    Time to crack some skulls.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: The Fun Had to Stop Sometime

    Believe me I wish I would have caught him in the act.

    Back in the day when I was in college I lived with two of my friends. I had just gotten home from Denny's and was sitting in my living room watching some TV when I hear glass break.

    I run outside and there is someone in my truck........So I run up to him and he is laying in my truck with his feet out the driver side door prying on my stereo. So I grab his foot and he starts kicking at me. I tried to yank him out and all I got was his shoe. My friend comes out and calls teh cops on his cell phone.

    By this time the guy was trying to get out the other side but the door was locked and in older trucks you have to pull the lock up, just grabbing the handle does you no good. SO I yanked his ass out and just started beating his ass with his own shoe then that bastard gets up and takes off. He was one fast man, he made it to the end of the street and the cops got em.

    He pressed charges on me for breaking his nose, but dropped them soon after.

    Now this is #2 my Truck must scream BREAK INTO ME!!!

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    ultravikingfan's Avatar
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    Re: The Fun Had to Stop Sometime

    Yes, this deserves a severe butt beating.

    I had the face stolen off my stereo a few years ago. The stereo was still there but it was useless to me without the face.

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    jimmymac's Avatar
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    Re: The Fun Had to Stop Sometime

    Sorry to hear about this Del Rio. And in Utah...
    -- Sarcasm always turned on --

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    Freya's Avatar
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    Re: The Fun Had to Stop Sometime

    What a bummer.
    I have a nifty little box to put my face plate in when I'm not in the car. Might start using it.

    Personally, I don't think there is intelligent life on other planets. Why should other planets be any different from this one?

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    mrviking28 is offline Starter
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    Re: The Fun Had to Stop Sometime

    One of the worst feelings in the world and there isnt a damn thing you can do about it.

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    Lotza's Avatar
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    Re: The Fun Had to Stop Sometime

    yo that sucks man...

    hope you catch them somtime

    Fingerprint the car! :lol:

    Go vikes!!

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