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    Well guys, I got new good news and bad news. Regime Guard has been pulled from my agent cause of creative differences between me and a partner (that is gone now). But now we have decided me and 3 others to form our own corperation. We incorporated as of sunday in Nevada. So, now
    we just need invcestors and/or online partners for website stuff and our own server. Usually when investing the money comes later. My marketer wants to write an executive offer sheet for investors but will want 500.00 to do it. He says the money will be there for the franchise within weeks...but I and the company need a presence (web) and cash to pay the marketer to do it.
    So, Yes, Regime Guard has been pulled
    Yes, I need a website to help with web will be there later,think of owning stock if you are interested
    And lastly, if someone here has 500.00 investment let me know it'll be well worth your while.

    P.S its good to be alive and also I have a surprize for

    The Beginning

    A familiar thunder rumbled above the dark cavern.
    One lantern was the sole light source for the frail man finishing a lengthy project.
    Kapulin rose slowly, taking the precious metal to the man-man safe bore deep in the side of the cave.
    His life’s work was near complete, and with a heavy sigh, he placed the heavy sword into its home.
    The sword, one of eight, was not to be disturbed by human touch or the elements, until the great Elahim’s prophesies were to be foreseen.

    For the past 100 years, the length of time Kapulin and the other seven elders worked diligently on the swords, the Interran and Zaefer people were waged in battle in a deadly civil war.
    Perpetrated by the evil Damenite Empire to run the entire universe, the Interrans had gained control of Zaefer land and enslaved their many inhabitants.
    The bloody takeover delighted the Damenite leaders, since their plans were to destroy the Interrans after all was done with the Zaefers.

    Elahim, the great extreme being, and God to the Interran and Zaefer people prophesied of a group of elite eight young people who were to save civilization.
    This, however, was not to take place for many years, so until then Elahim’s elders worked tirelessly on the swords.
    While the bloody war ravaged the land below the mountainous caves, the elders sadly added the elements that were to give power to the glowing rods.
    Each elder was meticulously chosen to add the enriching power to the weapons that were going to one day save the world.

    As the Damenites used the Interrans to carry out the holocaust, the elders included the elements of nature that were going to over-take the evil empire bent on destroying the world.
    The fiercest lightening was the primary element added.
    Emanating from the sky, the blue streaks cracked from the tip of the blade, creating a loud clap that would destroy even the strongest foe.
    Kapulin could barely contain the power of the sword as he finished his work on the wonderful masterpiece.
    Each sword was given a clue that when placed all together would spell out Elahim’s plan, none of the elders knew what the others said.
    A strong pride swelled in his chest as he completed the sword.
    The other elders, in different caves across the solar system completed similar swords, each with their own elements.

    The swords that contained the other elements, wind, rain, and ice were also nearing completion.
    As each elder finished their respected work, they were summoned to the mighty palace of Elahim in the great beyond.
    The sole purpose of the elders was to fulfill Elahim’s prophesy and once completed, they joined Elahim in the awesome Paradise Isle in the heavens.
    Soon, all eight elders joined Elahim, all looking painfully at the scene below.

    Damenite control was now rampant throughout the Interran land.
    The Zaefer people were systematically destroyed by the Interrans by heavy violence.
    Children were taken from their families to be brainwashed in local orphanages, while young men and women were used to procreate against their wills.
    Children bore of these unities were raised by the Damenite mid-wives who birthed them.
    They, and the other children taken, lived in the orphanage that schooled the children on how to use violence against the people who bore them.

    Adults too old to be of any use were extinguished execution style, while middle-aged adults were forced into the fields to harvest all crops and mining of jewels.
    If anyone was found to be too weak, they were tortured until their bodies gave out.
    Harrowing screams could be heard all hours of the day as the weak were sent to the great beyond.

    Soon the Damenites turned their attention to the Interrans, as the Zaefer people had slowly been decimated.
    The Civil War was now viewed as Damenite control.
    The Interrans did their all in combating the evil control harbored against them, calling on Elahim to forgive them of their transgressions and to give them the power to overcome the stronghold of the Damenites.
    The Interrans promised to re-build both races if they could have the help needed to regain control.

    In the dark of night, a red streak crossed the sky.
    Many Damenites stood in awe of the beauty that was in front of them, not knowing it was the start of their destruction.
    Interrans knew it was the great Elahim, and keeping to their promise, they rallied together, taking the remaining Zaefer with them to safety.
    Burst of lightening streaks crushed through the mountaintop that housed the main sword, igniting the sword for future destruction and domination.
    Damenites ran, desperately trying to save themselves.
    The peril they now faced was greater than the control they had held.
    Each element was soon filling the atmosphere as the Damenites dropped to their deaths, unable to save their own souls.

    Seeing that the Interrans had kept their promise, Elahim destroyed much of the Damenite control.
    Those who were able to escape went into hiding in a far-away land, thus allowing the Interrans to start life anew, creating new inhabitants and praising Elahim.
    Little did they know that the Damenites would again use violence to reap control of the solar system.
    Unbeknownst to the Damenites, they would encounter a new nemesis known as the Regime Guard.

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    Re: Franchise

    I wish you luck, I hope you get your investors.

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    Re: Franchise

    Nice teaser.
    Looking forward to the book when it does make it out.
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: Franchise

    Good luck with the project my friend.
    I hope you get the investors.
    Maybe I'll hit hte lottery and both our worries will be over.

    Additionally, can't wait to read the whole book.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Franchise

    Good luck with that project. It seems like you have a lot of tasks ahead of you.

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: Franchise

    Good luck nephilim!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: Franchise

    this is gonna drive me crazy but thanks for the input...

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