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    Re: Football player dies in workout

    IT's sad, some poeple aren't meant to be over 300 even if you are healthy.

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    Re: Football player dies in workout

    The lesson to be learned is that everyone should be responsible to take care of their health...the alternative is not preferable.

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    Re: Football player dies in workout

    sometimes people die, and there is nothing you can do about it. I don't think you have to blame anyone, there are risks in being a top-flight athelete and who knows if he would have just died in his sleep in a few days?

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    Re: Football player dies in workout

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    "sleepagent" wrote:
    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    gol 'darnit, not again. This is the third time really. Coaches need to pay more attention to when a player needs to stop and the player needs to know their limits.

    RIP. He really loved the game.
    I agree, but sports is about pushing yourself to heights you didn't think existed. If blame is to be assigned, a good chunk of it should be, and probably will be, assigned to the Doctors. How did they miss a blocked artery and just pass it off as acid reflux.

    While we don't know all the details, I don't fault coaches and trainers. It is their job to get athletes into top shape. It is the job of Doctors to make sure the athlete can endure the training.

    This is a risk every athlete takes, but fortuanately rarely happens.
    I was having chest pains a few years back and still do sometimes. The doctors were very quick to say it was acid reflux. They perscribed Prilosec. I went to fill that ish and it cost me like 135$ because it was new. I took 2 pills still no better.

    I went in and almost had to force them to do an EKG. It came back ok. I was stressing out about it big time. I was not convinced I was ok so I went in and had an ultra sound on my heart and it came back ok.

    In the end the doctor said it was stress, and he perscribed me some more expensive pills that I have never taken. When I run I feel fine. Somedays however I feel what I would describe as strain on my chest, but I gave up. I guess one day I will fall over dead.

    The point of the story if there is one, is that doctors really only work with probabilities. They do not think worst case scenerio first. I was 22 years old. What are the chances that someone playing football has a blocked artery at 22 years of age?

    It's like a mechanic. A good mechanic starts with the easiest most basic troubleshooting using logic, and then it goes from there.
    Atleast you had several additional tests to give you some peace-of-mind. I'm not sure if this athlete had them. I doubt it from the comments in the article.

    Someone that goes to the Doctor weighing 310lbs saying he is having some heart trouble needs to be looked at alittle closer. This wasn't a sprain or bruise, it was his heart AND he was active in sports. Send the guy down for a couple more tests and then put him back on the field if it comes back ok.

    It's a bad situation all the way around, but we are talking about a life. The red flags should've been raised on this one.

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