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    Foo Fighters/Weezer Concert Review

    Your buddy Shock here and NeumDog went to the X on Sunday night (Oct. 2nd) for the Foo Fighters/Weezer concert. I must say I had a great time! The show was fabulous - Weezer really seemed to be having a good time playing in front of the estimated-14,000-person crowd. We had great seats - Club Level (2nd level), directly facing the stage head-on.

    The Kaiser Chiefs started out the night, then Weezer came on about 8:00. They played some new stuff, some old (The Sweater Song, Undone), and generally rocked the place with a good show. The Foo came on at about 10:15, playing until 11:45. They started right out with a great song off their new album "In Your Honor", the title track as a matter of fact. They had some smokin' visuals going on onstage (huge screen behind them, laser light show, etc.), and of course, they were loud. Very Loud. Which was great! They played some other songs off the new album ("DOA", "The Best Of You", "Hell"), several from One By One ("Times Like These", a rockin' version of "All My Life", "Have It All"), some from There Is Nothing Left To Lose ("Breakout", "Learn To Fly", and a great version of a not-nearly-played-enough-on-the-radio "Stacked Actors"). From The Colour And The Shape they played "Everlong" and "My Hero". And, from their first album, Foo Fighters, they rocked with "Big Me" and "This Is A Call".

    They saved their best for last, however: for their final encore they played my personal favorite "Monkey Wrench" from The Colour And The Shape!!!

    Dave Grohl was really in a pretty good mood all night. He talked a lot to the crowd, even dedicating one song to Minnesota and Cannon Falls, where his former band Nirvana recorded their huge release "In Utero".

    And speaking of dedicating a song to Minnesota, Weezer dedicated one of theirs to the former Minnesota North Stars...

    All in all, a GREAT concert!!! I saw the Foo a couple years ago at Roy Wilkins Auditorium, and this one was LIGHT-YEARS better!!! What can I say? I love the Foo Fighters!
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    Re: Foo Fighters/Weezer Concert Review

    I love the Foo Fighters too, you are lucky you got to go!!

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    Re: Foo Fighters/Weezer Concert Review

    I bet Neum did a lot of stage diving!

    Weezer kills!

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    Re: Foo Fighters/Weezer Concert Review

    Yup. Too bad we didn't have main floor tix. I'd be smashing around in the mosh pit, and doing a little crowd surfing! :headbang: :lol:

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