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Thread: Fishing oppener

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    Fishing oppener

    Any of you guys or galls going to take time away from football to hit the water on the 14th of May? I personaly can't wait. I'll be joining a group of about 20 on Upper Redlake fishing for crappies for a couple of days prior and going down to Black Duck for some walters on the oppener. Good times, good beer, good food and good friends.

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    Re: Fishing oppener

    Hello Sunny! What are crappies? I'm up here in B.C. Canada...waiting for the 1st of May, when most of our lakes open for our fishing season! Our main target are rainbow trout...especially with a fly rod! Send me a pic if you can of what crappie looks like...I've heard of them! Remember, everyday you spend fishing adds another day to your life! (It's true!)

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    Re: Fishing oppener

    What are crappies you ask?.......well. Im not good at posting phots but I can give you a link to all you will ever need to know.

    If you read "becomeing an IBOT" and look at the photogallery you will be impressed :shock:

    Average crappies range from 8 to 12 inchers but slab crappies like the ones on Upper-Red run from 12 to 16 inchers. These equal a pound and a half to two pounds. I can honestly say I enjoy them moore than walleys.

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