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Thread: Fishing

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    Who here loves to fish? I just got back from a fishing trip off the deleware river, and I forgot how much I love to fish (been a few years). It was perfect fishing weather too and we caught pretty much nothing but bass, which is always nice.

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    Re: Fishing

    I go fishing almost every weekend in the summer. We have a lake cabin in Minnesota that we go to during the summer. I catch a lot of northern pike and some bass. Mostly northerns though. It's so fun when you know you have a big one on and you have it close to the boat and it keeps diving under and pulling out more line. You get an adrenaline rush.

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    Re: Fishing

    I haven't had access to a boat for a few years, so I've been stuck in the shallows with waders or on a dock... I LOVE ice fishing tho...

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    Re: Fishing

    I love fishing, but I hardley ever catch anything.

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