"6-KINGS" wrote:
I remember my first post, April 4 in the year of our Lord 2005.
That was just 4 months ago. And man it seems more like, well just 4 months ago.
There was this guy named De Rio who thought Clint Eastwood was better than THE DUKE (bow your heads) Man did I torch him on that.
What is Del doing these days? Still eating peez and gov't cheese?
I heard he has 65 alien high bred children. He lives in the mushroom caves of Utah. You all know Del's love of the shroom.(jk)
Anyway, everybody was talking about burning their Moss jersey. You guys remember Moss? Man was he a good one for us. Too bad he was killed in that accident while working his community service at Chuck E Cheese.
Who knew he couldn't swim in the plastic ball tank. What a way too go.

Since then we have talk about Moss leaving the team, Moss comments, Moss this and Moss that. For the love of GOD can we stop talking about Moss.
Let the man rest in peace.
He's DEAD!
That's hilarious 6-Kings! You did torch him on the Duke thing too. :wink: