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    First Annual "Best Post of The Year" Thread

    Hey all; thought it might be cool to get some of you digging deep in old threads to locate and re-quote the post that cracked you up the most all year. Please, no posting your own!!

    OK, the post that had me laughing the most was responding to this initial quote (sorry it's so long!):

    "I randomly find myself every year engaging into annoying conversations about our Vikings at family events, school, drunken parties, work, etc, where I feel like am defending our team against Viking’s fans with tunnel vision or people that are not even Vikings fans but simply have their mind made up about something with this team and insist and sticking to their guns and causing me to pull my hair out. Haha.
    I am interested to see about some of everyone else’s encounters against people outside of pp.o where you’re not debating with your fingers but actually face to face.
    Here is in a nut shell my most recent encounter… with a numbskull!
    I was in champs the other day with my girlfriend looking at getting a Sidney Rice jersey for the Monday Night game, when the dude working comes up out of nowhere and is like “man I like that Sidney Rice I think he is gunna be a good one, but that Brad Childress sure does not know how to use him, I mean look he only had 2 catches against the niners, man I hate Childress, he is a terrible coach and has nothing to do with their winning streak.” “And I really like Jackson but Childress is ruining him by starting him, I wish we kept Brad Johnson one more year.”
    The best part was as soon as he said that my girlfriend walked to a different part of the store, like she could see steam coming out of my ears or something.
    I just turned and looked at him and said “so everyone blames Childress when we are losing and when we are winning he has nothing to do with it?”
    I am not about to say Childress is awesome and he has not had his share of mistakes, but he has a lot more to do with our winning than people give him credit for.
    And he has not done anything as dumb as Joe Gibbs calling 2 timeouts in a row to ice a kicker and get a personal foul to move them into a chip shot field goal to lose a game.
    I also went on to explain to him that we had no reason to keep passing the ball in the second half against San Fran, we did not use any of our WR when we went up 27-0 because Shaun Hill was not going to beat our defense for over 27 points in a half, so we just managed the game.
    “And how has Childress not used him lately, Sidney has scored in two of the last three games, along with throwing a bomb for a pass in a game.”
    Then with T-Jack “Look how things ended up with BJ at QB last year, we do owe a thank you to BJ and that is that he did bad enough for us to get AP in the draft.”
    “But with a big draft of QB’s coming up, we have to find out if we have something in T-Jack, and what could you possibly be complaining about, he was shaky at the beginning of the year, but not a lot of 2nd year Qb’s have played as well as consistently as he has the last 4 weeks.”
    Needless to say we did not buy the jersey there and that guy was a little shocked that his customer can see the big picture and actually tried to paint it for him.

    All I am saying is that most true fans can be critical of their team, while giving credit where it is due, and looking out side the box when needed.
    Ok I feel a lot better now… thanks! Haha

    See all of the Tailgaters at the game… and I will have my Sidney Rice Jersey on!"


    "I run a shop selling sports merchandise and this guy walks in and wants to buy a Sidney Rice jersey.
    So I go up tom him and am like, "man, I like that Sidney Rice.
    I think he is going to be a good one."
    I then go on to explain how I think Childress is an idiot for, among other things, not using this kid enough.
    I mean, come on, what is Bobby Wade even doing on the field when Rice could be in there?
    But the guy gets all upset and starts screaming at me about how we weren't in passing situations last game or something.
    To top it off, he doesn't even realize how terrible Tarvaris is.
    If we still had Brad, Rice would have like 60 catches and 10 TDs this season.
    But I guess that was okay with this guy because he was in love with Childress and Tarvaris makes him happy.

    Anyway, he didn't even buy the jersey, which pissed me off.
    What a jerk.

    That's alright though.
    I worked off my steam with an all night solo session.

    Just kidding ... about the first part."
    NMA --

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    Re: First Annual "Best Post of The Year" Thread


    NMA --

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