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    Fight over heat makes wife hot

    WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A woman who was angry because her husband wanted her to turn up the heat pulled out a gun and shot their flat-screen TV while he cowered behind a pillow, Macomb County authorities say.

    The 65-year-old man called 911 Sunday night from the basement of their Washington Township home, about 25 miles north of Detroit.

    "My wife's got a gun. She's shooting at me," Joseph Grucz said in the recorded call.

    He told the operator that Cheryl Grucz, 61, was angry because he wanted the heat turned up. She fired a round while he hid his head in a pillow, striking the plasma TV, then went upstairs, the Detroit Free Press said.

    "She's all excited about it because she's so cheap," the husband said.

    His wife, who had picked up another extension, told the operator she wanted to tell her side.

    "I'm not going to hurt him. He has pushed me over the edge, that was all," Cheryl Grucz said, according to a recording obtained by WXYZ-TV. "He has had a stroke, and he's taking it all out on me."

    "No I'm not," her husband said.

    "Yes, he is," she told the dispatcher.

    Cheryl Grucz was arraigned Monday in Romeo District Court on a charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm, a charge with a top penalty of 10 years in prison. She also faces a felony firearms charge. Grucz was freed on $50,000 bond until a preliminary examination Jan. 15.

    The judge also ordered her to enroll in a domestic violence program, WDIV-TV said.

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    Re: Fight over heat makes wife hot

    There's a model family for ya.
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    Re: Fight over heat makes wife hot

    Sounds like me, except I want the heat down, not because I am cheap though. I am a warm body and my wife gets cold easy. I am always turning the thermostat back down because she sneakily turns it up.

    Thanks PPE for the Sig

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