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"purplehorn" wrote:
"ColoradoVike" wrote:
If you feel like "I'm looking for an argument", I think you have to consider that I'm responding to a post that was made and not bringing this issue up in the first place. The content of the list and the way it's presented is controversial. And I'm taking issue with it. In light of what has transpired here, I think a more astute observation is that purplehorn made a

post to stir the pot and argue with people who don't subscribe to his worldview.

The post was just food for thought nothing more. If you were not wanting to sound like
a complaining old bitty you would not have responded to it. It was more of a read than
something to respond to; Unless your an antagonist which seems to be the case.
Wow what a well thought out response.

If the post was just food for thought then why do you take offense when someone doesn't eat it and like it?

Just post your chain mail and walk away letting it be food for thought. If that is all it was we would not see you poking back in to try and bring the people down that do not agree with your views.

This probably should actually be locked. If someone managed to scrape up something this ridiculous that spoke against what you just promoted it would have been locked in a heartbeat and this is no better.
Wow what a well thought out response? This should be locked boohoo I'm delrio
sorry del if I hurt your little feelings (NOT)
Well you certainly cleared up any doubt. Good thing the military exsists so some people have a second option.

Since you were just posting "Food for thought" and everyone who had a point to make gets a response about as insightful and exciting as cardboard from you I have no remorse for putting an end to your chain mail.