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    Re: Favorite Sports Movie

    "VikingNed" wrote:
    "Ltrey33" wrote:
    Thats what I'm saying, there's so many, I"m sure alot have been over looked by me.

    I loved Caddyshack, funny as hell.... I loved the part when he was washing his balls, saying, Oh Mrs. Smmmmmiiiiiiiiiith.......LMFAO

    That part is great, plus the "Cinderella story" part is epic! Bill Murray was hilarious in that movie.

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    Re: Favorite Sports Movie

    Ohh man too many good sports movies, I've just thought of some others that I like by looking at other people's lists. I'm going to add a League of Their Own, Rudy, and Cool Runnings to my list.

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    Re: Favorite Sports Movie

    "DEVIKINGFAN!" wrote:
    Could you consider 50 First Dates a "sports movie"- think about it they implied that EVERY DAY the father and brother watched the Vikes game. If so thats my fav.....
    Ooh yeah... I forgot about that part of the movie.
    I remember I went to see it in the theatre with a friend and when it came to that part of the movie and he was watchin the game, I was a bit suprised by how they didn't choose some other team that was "better known" (someone like Dallas sense they "America's Team" and all). But when they did, I somehow found a way to rub it in my friend's face, even though it wasn't that big a deal. :lol: People are always kinda pickin at me little by little for being a Vike's fan, so I had to do it.
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    Re: Favorite Sports Movie

    Serious Movies:Brians song(Brian Picallo, Gale Sayers story),Rudy,Remember The Titans
    Funny Movies:Caddyshack,Waterboy,Happy Gilmore,Bull Durham.

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