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    Re: Favorite School Memory?

    "DemonicViking" wrote:
    "TheAnimal93" wrote:
    My fav. school moment didnt involve school at all. We used to skip and everyone used to come over to my house since it was only a block away. Kiss and Aerosmith and of course Zep on the stereo and I always went out and bought the booze.
    and there was this one time somebody gave me this little piece of blotter paper........... :shock:
    I'm not surprised by that at all :lol:

    :lol: :lol: :lol: ..................

    Like you aint never......:lol: :lol: :lol: .......... :roll: :twisted:

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    Re: Favorite School Memory?

    Hey, I just might have been one of those dudes who attended the party, and just might have been the guy who brought the weed.. you never know.

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    Re: Favorite School Memory?

    I'm only a sophmore in HS, but every second playing football last year is my favorite memory.

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    Re: Favorite School Memory?

    2 years ago in 7th grade when my gym teacher told me to put on my swim suit and i said no and then i got a refurell and got sent up to the office( i was back into my street clothes when that happened)

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    Re: Favorite School Memory?

    i too am still in high school, junior, but i would have to say the best memory so far would be watching our varsity football team win the state title back in 2001 i think

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