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    Re: Favorite animated comedy?

    Looney Tunes and Robot Chicken are 1 and 2
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    Re: Favorite animated comedy?

    "gagarr" wrote:
    "HEY" wrote:
    You didn't say anything about animated films.
    Lion's King gotta be the most rememberable and popular animated film of all time.
    I really like the Ice Age-movies (haven't seen the third one yet) and I think they appeal to both kids and adults.
    Madagascar has some hilarious moments.
    The Shrek-movies really knows how to make fun of the classic fairytales, but the third one was a huge disappointment.

    ... As for animated series, South Park has many of the funniest moments of all time. Definitely the funniest animated series for adults. The way they bring up serious and important topics in a funny way, and try to prove a point at the same time, is simply geniusly.

    You don't see the Family Guy do the same thing, and that's why it will never be anywhere near as good as South Park.
    As animated films go I was really impressed with "Finding Nemo" and "UP".
    UP was amazing - especially in 3D.
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    Re: Favorite animated comedy?

    south park, family guy, futurama, robot chicken, aqua teen hunger force, simpsons, squid billies, sealab 2021, 12 oz. mouse, space ghost coast to coast, those are freakin hilarious

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    Re: Favorite animated comedy?

    Gotta love and respect South Park.
    Those irreverent guys could care less about your politics, religion, etc.
    EVERYONE is fair game...
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    Re: Favorite animated comedy?

    South Park easily is the best.
    Haven't seen it for a while.
    I'm old.
    But season one Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride is one of the funniest things I've seen.

    The Simpsons was very good until Conan left as a writer.
    That was a while ago.

    As to movies, which I get to watch a lot of now with 3 year old twins, Monster's Inc is probably one of the few I enjoy watching.

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    Re: Favorite animated comedy?

    Thundaar the Barbarian...even though it's not meant to be a comedy.
    I bet you could use a cool one huh Clark...Now you're talkin Eddie...

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    Re: Favorite animated comedy?

    3.Family Guy

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    Re: Favorite animated comedy?

    Hands down, Flintstones.
    No contest.

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    Re: Favorite animated comedy?

    Does Captain Caveman count?

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    Re: Favorite animated comedy?

    "NDVikingFan66" wrote:
    Does Captain Caveman count?
    Unga Bunga!

    Looney Toons of course, but I have enjoyed all the shows posted so far.

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