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    Fast-food worker laughs, tells robber to get a job

    SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio fast-food restaurant cashier laughed at a robbery suspect and told him to get a job if he wanted money during a failed holdup on Tuesday evening.

    Police said the suspect approached the worker and demanded money, but the cashier laughed and apparently didn't realize the man was trying to hold up the place.

    The suspect then allegedly pulled out a box cutter and demanded the cashier's wallet. The employee complied, but had no money in his billfold..........;_ylt=An7oaVZrwWBeGDOz.NDvnUcsQE4F

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    Re: Fast-food worker laughs, tells robber to get a job

    Pretty brave guy, musta been a pretty shaky looking robber. A ill concieved plan by a shaky desperado, leads to failure, what a idiot. Christmas in jail should give him time to think about a career change, as he is abviously an incompetent crook.

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