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    Fantasy Baseball

    Baseball isn't bad. VKG, one reason why its usually hard for me to get owners for my league is that we never play for money anyway. I have a huge honkin' trophy that travels around to the winner for a year, and otherwise, we just pitch in for snackies and web site fees and play on.

    Even when I play baseball, I rarely watch the games, but I do catch a lot of SportsCenter and keep up on the website news. Usually one subscription to a good fantasy news site is all you need.
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    Fantasy Baseball League?

    Sounds like there may be some interest in joining a local fantasy baseball league.

    I stumbled upon this post in search of others in the Twin Cities looking to start a American League fantasy league. We need 10 owners and I currently have 3 interested owners.

    I don't like online leagues. I prefer a live auction with local owners. We would use cbs sportsline (or similar) to manage our league.

    Low entry fee $50. Enough to keep you interested.

    Would need to have our auction in 3 weeks.

    Let me know if you're interested and I will get you further info.

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