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Thread: Family guy

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    Re: Family guy

    Peter brings 7 hookers into Clevland's home.

    Clevland: "Peter! Remove yourself and 5 of these hookers from my home right now!!!"
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    Re: Family guy

    Keep Family guy on the air! It kicks azz!!!

    Another great sig by PPE!
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    Re: Family guy

    Family guy is frickin hilarious.. I don't know a show that is funnier.. I got the seasons as welll and watch them all the time.. All the characters are hilarious and the writers are the best writers for a show all time

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    Re: Family guy

    "TATEone" wrote:
    "You're drunk again."
    "No, I'm just exhausted 'cause I've been up all night drinking."
    - Lois and Peter

    I got that one on a poster. Man I love family guy! How the he!! could they ever cancel that show! I guess it is FOX we are talking about.

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    6-KINGS Guest

    Re: Family guy

    The Irish history episode is the best.
    When that woman is praying and leans back and the baby flies out!!!


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    Re: Family guy

    ^^^That's the same episode Peter gets a posse.

    (The black guys are going to walk into the Griffin kitchen)

    Peter's Father-In-Law:"My jacket is in there, please don't write on it."
    That's the most underrated line in FG history. I hate the people that watch it just, because they think it's trendy. They don't don't even get the jokes.

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    Re: Family guy

    I agree Ive watched it from the beginning even when it changed time slots like 10 times, now all my friends just started watching it and it pisses me off they know nothing about it, yet they talk like they've been watching it all along!!!!! My favorite Quote: Peter Drunk: Hey wheres that peter griffin he told me I give him $100 if I took off all my clothes off!!!! Hilarious
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