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    F2FA mutual voting

    Hey. I'm a F2FA Diplomat. I am not a spammer. I am here because you are a F2FA board. My team is the Titans. is my place. We are trying to win like you are. There is a rival Titans boards tha is working with another Vikings board to scram up the votes. I can't put th K-bosh on it but I can forge an alliance with you, since my foe is working against you, you have a double vested interest in this. I have some voting threads to show you.

    this is a few of the F2FA partners that are working in the F2FA mutual vote.

    here is the thread that details our rival helping your rival

    I'd like to get the Ravens to help you guys win. They have no one challenging them.
    The coltfreaks are doing ok.

    I'm going to post this thread in the forum. Maybe we can talk about the other boards in the network that need help. View it like this... let's try to work as a network unilaterally to win the rep spots. Sorry this had to be my first post. I'm on alot of these forums. I'm voting for you too.

    talk to me. I have some other links I can go dig up.

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    Re: F2FA mutual voting

    so that's why they got some votes
    f*cking cheaters.thanks for the heads-up pal.
    Rosie O'Donnell is a dude!

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    Re: F2FA mutual voting


    Trolls are over at the other Vikings boards saying the same crap.

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    Re: F2FA mutual voting

    Exact same thing?

    I do believe I would have heard directly from Jeff....prophet, PM me.

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    Re: F2FA mutual voting

    ok... so... I'm a little unclear... are we in bed or what?

    I want to get my guys to help you guys... together we can win..

    I'm not a troll... I'm an honest to God Titans fan...

    The Vikes are strange foes to me... I have no quarrel with your clan.

    I'm on ALOT of f2fa sites... I always use the same name...

    also I go by Bipolar because that's what I am...

    here are some sites you should vote for.
    8)<---most deserving ??? they don't need it but they are helping the others.
    8)<---most deserving


    these are some of the f2fa boards I am on ____________ (SD Chargers) (PHI Eagles) (skins)

    the Clanram forums (STL Rams)

    ok.. one more note... partnering and lobbying is not cheating. It is how you win. It is the nature of politics and that is. It's an election. If you read the disclaimer on the voting box it says nothing about fan alligience or the like. My board was down 30 pts the other day and since we started partnering we have a 2/3 share of the overall vote. We are going to keep it up until it's all over. I want as many f2fa boards as possible on there so...

    Webby... are you talking about TitanJeff? Jeff sent me a message directing me to "quote" let the f2fa guys know "un-quote" ... I am his king troll guy. He set up a private forum for me and my friends (often called a user group) to post links to and from other forums so we can exchange info privately in a small group. I've spent alot of time going back to places I've been...

    I'm here now because of the Vikings board that is helping Titans Central... otherwise, I'd be turning more fertile soil.. no offense, but I had no idea what kind of reception to expect with this. Thanks for not running me out on a rail. I'm not alot different on other forums than I am at goTitans... except the Jags official board and I'm still pretty cool to those guys... they are just nuts... anyways what I mean is it is easier to sell an idea to people who are familiar with you.

    Let's win together... I'm going to place your voting thread in my mutual voting thread as a gesture of good faith... I'm not sure what the exact same crap is... hey, post some links here in response... I'd like to see what you mean. I'll tell you this... I am not riding the fence blowing smoke up your ass trying to con you. I'm not a troll. I'm Bipolar The Titan of At go Titans I use the name SEC 330 BIPOLAR ... on other forums I prefer to use Bipolar The Titan and if the screen name is too long I shorten it to Bipolar Titan.

    I am here to further your cause. My efforts have contributed to goTitans gaing 50 pts in the poll. Not only did we gain our lead we now have a 2:1 margin and I am not going to stop. I want to cut you in.

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