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    Hey i know this isnt about football or anything but I have high school final exams next week and was just wondering if anybody has some good advice for study tips, learning tools or whatever. I always do ok on these exams but I really want to do just that little bit better to get a B+ or A-,
    Thanks, I appreciate the input.

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    Re: EXAM

    i always look over all the material on the exams and make tests to have other people take the tests. after they take it just go over each questoin in detail. It gets everything in your brain!

    Go vikes!!

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    Re: EXAM

    Are you doing some last minute "cramming?"
    If you are, start by finding a place at home if possible or if not an out of the way place where you can have peace and quiet. Make sure you have all the materials you need--every book, handout, study-guide...if you missed anything borrow quickly from a friend.
    Remind yourself how incredibly, amazingly smart you are. Relax, gain confidence by repeating the phrase to yourself "I believe in myself and I will never give up."
    Start reading. Memorize everything you possibly can using some sort of mental attachment like mnemonic devices (for examples go here: examples)
    Keep at it until it can always remember one more little piece of info that might help on an essay...

    Coffee helps. But not too much. Sleep helps too.
    Get to the exam room early (get familiar with your surroundings). When the test starts, don't panic if there is a question you don't know. Move on and give your subconscious time to work with the might be surprised at how well this works. And remember: be confident! Don't work against yourself. Relax and let your brain work!

    Hope this helps a little

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    Re: EXAM

    I have a finals next week too, but I payed more attention to the vikings, so I didn't do to good in school this year.

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    Re: EXAM

    I have a final exam this week, and I had two last week. They suck real bad. Just don't psyche yourself out, go over the general stuff, don't try to cram every little piece of information in. If you do try that, you'll start to get everything confused and end up with nothing. That's my advice. If you did the studying you should have throughout the year, just look over the general events/ideas and a lot of it will probably come back to you as you read it on the test. If you didn't study anything all year and are trying to get it in before finals, you're kind of screwed.

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    Re: EXAM

    I've got exams this week too, and I'm cramming....

    Looking back, it would've been a good idea to pay attention in some of my classes instead of screwing around.

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