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    Ex-Twins pitcher Reardon not guilty

    [size=10pt]Ex-Twins pitcher Reardon not guilty[/size]

    WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. - Former Twins relief pitcher Jeff Reardon was found not guilty by reason of insanity Monday for robbing a jewelry store in December.
    Two court-appointed psychiatrists, along with two defense psychiatrists, testified that Reardon, 50, was under the influence of a dozen prescription medications and that there was no reasonable explanation the robbery.

    The medications reacted and caused Reardon to exhibit emotionally unstable, hostile and manic behavior, his attorney, Mitch Beers, said.

    "He did not know what he was doing," Beers said. "He was very, very depressed and very suicidal. The medications caused him to be delirious and to hallucinate."

    Reardon, the closer for the Twins from 1987 to '89 who earned the save in Game 7 of the '87 World Series, was taking antidepressants and mood stabilizers because he was distraught over the February 2004 drug-overdose death of his 20-year-old son, Shane, his attorneys said.

    After Judge Stephen Rapp's ruling was announced Monday following a nonjury trial that lasted 50 minutes, Reardon said he was relieved and that he had been worried about going to jail.

    "I don't think I've ever had a speeding ticket before, for crying out loud," said Reardon, a four-time All-Star with 367 career saves over 16 seasons with seven teams.

    Reardon walked into Hamilton Jewelers in Palm Beach Gardens and handed an employee a note that read: "I have a gun. Please place $100 bills and jewelry in this bag and no one will get hurt. Thank you."

    Reardon had no gun, and his penmanship was so awful that the store clerk told him she had trouble comprehending it. She would later say she thought the bearded robber was a deaf mute.

    The store manager was summoned and placed $170 in a bag and Reardon walked out of the mall. Reardon says he doesn't recall the robbery or going to jail.

    After the judge's ruling, Reardon and his wife of 27 years reflected on the 2½ years since their son died. The couple has two other children.

    "I don't think we're ever going to get over losing our son," Phebe Reardon said. "But we'll cope better."

    Said Jeff Reardon: "I was a mess after my son. I still am a mess. You never forget about that."

    (god bless you Jeff)

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    Re: Ex-Twins pitcher Reardon not guilty

    Sad story, loved watching Reardon.

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