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Thread: Erie, PA.

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    Erie, PA.

    Just because I know that there are people with ties to Erie, PA on this site... should get a kick out of this:


    You consider walking around the Millcreek Mall a totally viable option for a date

    You take your girl friend to the public dock on State street to watch the submarine races

    You've never purchased beer in a convenience or grocery store

    The words 'to be' are not used in sentence structure, e.g. the "Car needs washed" or "the grass needs mowed"

    Been bar-hopping downtown, visited 32 bars and never left 1 block

    Think it's normal for the citizen to pizza shop ratio to be 4:1

    Know what a davenport is

    You think going to North East is a long drive

    You know that North East is in the Northwest corner of the state

    "Pop" has everything to do with beverages and nothing to do with your Dad

    You have three choices - Browns, Bills or Steelers that's it.

    It's completely normal to see people you've known since kindergarten every weekend

    Perch is on the menu

    If it's not a Smith dog, I don't want it.

    You think greek sauce and pepperoni balls are available everywhere

    Pizza and wings are your favorite meal - whether at home or eating out

    You keep an ice scrapper in your car for 10 months out of the year, because you never know

    You've heard "it's a horse apiece" and know what it means

    Two feet of snow does not mean a snow day

    You find drive through beer distributors in your neighborhood

    You find zero degrees "a bit chilly"

    You don't care to go to the Peninsula, but 100,000 people from Pittsburgh do

    Peach jam refers to traffic problems

    You see people wearing hunting clothes at social events

    You know several people who have hit deer more than once

    Vacation means going south past Pittsburgh for the weekend

    You can drive 65 mph through two feet of snow during a raging blizzard without flinching

    You carry jumper cables in your car and your girlfriend knows how to use them

    Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow

    You measure distance in hours

    You know all four seasons as: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction

    You often switch from "heat" to "A/C" in the same day and back again

    Otters are a hockey team and the Seawolves play baseball

    When choosing a pumpkin for Halloween, you often have to dig through snow to find one

    Every time you hear "Carol of the Bells" you start singing "Star Mobile Home, Star Mobile Home..."

    You know all the lyrics to the "Brandel Painting"jingle

    Getting dressed up means putting on something OTHER than sweatpants (or at least the ones without the holes)

    "80s hair"isn't a thing of the past

    It wouldn't be summer, it wouldn't be fun without ice Cream from Sara's

    Your weekend plans include a stag and drag and a diaper party

    You've ever bought a beer for a quarter

    You really DID walk uphill, both ways in two feet of snow to school every day

    A Register is something that heat comes out of.

    You go to a beach and comment on the "good"sand

    You've ever gone to a "prep dance"

    You've been to a "Save-An-Eye" game

    You remember the Pop Man at Jerry Uht Park

    You wear shorts when it's the least bit warm No Matter

    What because you never know when you'll get to do it again

    Going 30 mph is speeding

    You know what ox roast is

    You have a pool table in your basement and you are on a bowling league

    You've ever tried to leave and Erie just keeps sucking you back in

    You know it is your lucky day when you get all of the gree lights on West 12th St

    You know what sponge candy is

    When you eat out, you get a side of ranch dressing for your french fries

    You eat french fries on your chicken/steak salad- and they actually look at you like your crazy when you ask why it isn't like that everywhere...
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    Re: Erie, PA.

    I've never been, but that list (while humorous) didn't really sell me on going.

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    Re: Erie, PA.

    "The" wrote:
    I've never been, but that list (while humorous) didn't really sell me on going.
    Don't! Erie is a hole!

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