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    Re:Epic moments in PP.O history

    Traveling_Vike wrote:
    Thanks to Zeus for bringing a newbie into the fold by posting this again for me.

    I am amazed that you guys were able to talk TNT into telling that story in public. What a bunch of sexist pigs!

    Wish I'd been there. :P

    Now... since I can't get to the old "drunk" thread (too old?), anyone care to clue me in on what I missed?
    that was a great read, TNT's escapade.
    funny, no one paid near as much attention when Bono spoke.
    Why must you defend everything this FO the point of making your self look like a yes man.

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    Re: Epic moments in PP.O history

    The greatest day in PPO history.

    Read from the bottom up.

    marstc09: I quit. Time for porn.
    erik5032: Save yourself Zeus, zip up
    Zeus: She's killing me
    Zeus: True
    triedandtruevikesfan: brb
    erik5032: juicy, smackable ass?
    triedandtruevikesfan: well of course... I'm a girl after all
    Prophet: or did she just dive in
    Prophet: were you making out first?
    erik5032: TNT: Was she hot?
    Zeus: Did you find the little man in the boat?
    triedandtruevikesfan: yeah, it was her
    Zeus: After you got loaded - who made the first move - her, I assume
    marstc09: Why is my question not being answered?
    C Mac D: nope
    triedandtruevikesfan: nice
    triedandtruevikesfan: no work today?
    Zeus: Did her cat scratch your ass?
    C Mac D: have the day off
    C Mac D: I am home
    triedandtruevikesfan: both on the bed
    triedandtruevikesfan: you goin home conor?
    Prophet: was she on the ground and you on the bed? both on the bed? on the table?
    erik5032: Favorite Quote ever: TNT: if I'm going to go down on someone, I'm going to concentrate and enjoy what I'm doing
    C Mac D: ok, later all
    triedandtruevikesfan: LOL... you missed the whole thing conor
    marstc09: Did she unzip yours pants or did you?
    Zeus: How very selfish (and guylike)?
    C Mac D: did you enjoy it?
    Zeus: You spent the night - but didn't make a return trip to the Y in the AM?
    triedandtruevikesfan: LOL
    erik5032: lol
    C Mac D: When we hang out, I'm bringing wine
    triedandtruevikesfan: or not completely sober
    Zeus: You spent the night - but didn't make a return trip to the Y in the AM?
    triedandtruevikesfan: lmao... no we had drinks and stuff first... I could have never done it sober
    Prophet: wine, what led up to the big O?
    marstc09: Did she have a big booty?
    C Mac D: good question
    erik5032: LMAO
    Prophet: did she just stop by and rip your pants off?
    triedandtruevikesfan: I ddi spend the night
    Prophet: how did it lead up to her going down on you
    Zeus: NOOOOOOOO!
    erik5032: "This story is **** without pics*
    Zeus: Did you spend the night?
    triedandtruevikesfan: brb
    triedandtruevikesfan: lol.. no
    triedandtruevikesfan: she did mars
    C Mac D: do you have pictures?
    Prophet: there are more unanswered questions
    triedandtruevikesfan: lol... not much else to the story Z
    marstc09: Did she have a nice body?
    Zeus: I'm not done here, Proph
    C Mac D: hahaha
    Prophet: details
    Zeus: And then what?
    Zeus: So - you finished her off
    Prophet: ok, move onto the threesome
    C Mac D: wow
    triedandtruevikesfan: no, she was actually bi, and the next night I took her to a party with me... she was annoying me so I stuck her with a guy friend of mine and let her take him home that night
    Zeus: SHUT UP CONOR - TNT's telling us her experimentation stories
    C Mac D: hell froze over
    Zeus: So, TNT - did you bask in the afterglow, or run from the uncomfortable aftermath?
    Prophet: so did you ever get a call from her again?
    C Mac D: Zeus is talking about threesomes, Mars about 69int
    marstc09: I see
    NodakPaul: wow are you ever a day late C Mac
    triedandtruevikesfan: its still weird
    Zeus: Don't refresh, NP!
    triedandtruevikesfan: I know it
    C Mac D: Whats going on in here?
    erik5032: I didn't look at the yell before i posted i would never have interrupted this beauty
    marstc09: No that is my girls name
    NodakPaul: crap. I have to go to a meeting...
    triedandtruevikesfan: lmao... mars... it is way too weird to see my name like that
    Zeus: There's more to be discussed here
    Zeus: I'm not ready for the 3some talk yet
    BloodyHorns82: Yeah it is Erik...and you come in here with some olympic overage bull****.
    triedandtruevikesfan: LOL... very true bh... I think I did, but who knows... I don't fake it, I make damn sure the person knows I didn't cum
    Prophet: ok, so if you're not sharing more on the one-on-one, break into the threesome with more detail
    erik5032: *Best Story Ever*
    Zeus: triedandtruevikesfan : if I'm going to go down on someone, I'm going to concentrate and enjoy what I'm doing
    Zeus: Things I'm adding to the list of saved TNT quotes:
    marstc09: Jocelyn says she can't concentrate either when we 69
    BloodyHorns82: She wouldn't know...chicks are known to fake it. lol A taste of their own medicine.
    triedandtruevikesfan: of course we did proph... that part I actually liked
    Zeus: So - did you bring her to the Big O?
    BloodyHorns82: Focus
    triedandtruevikesfan: if I'm going to go down on someone, I'm going to concentrate and enjoy what I'm doing
    Prophet: ok, so you both have huge breasts and you didn't indulge in each other's breasts?
    Zeus: Best for the ladies to be able to lay back and concentrate
    triedandtruevikesfan: it is Z... I don't enjoy the whole 69 thing
    NodakPaul: what? are you kidding m?
    Zeus: 69 is too distracting for the ladies
    BloodyHorns82: jelly finger... lmao
    marstc09: I understand. I am not a big fan either.
    Prophet: you should have 69ed
    Zeus: Did you go jelly finger on her?
    NodakPaul: aha
    triedandtruevikesfan: I did... I just didn't enjoy it
    NodakPaul: did she have to go finish the job herself?
    BloodyHorns82: Were you sober?
    Prophet: you just left?
    Zeus: Pure animal lust, eh?
    NodakPaul: apparently TNT didn't pleasure her back...
    triedandtruevikesfan: lol... I don't think we snuggled
    Prophet: did you snuggle all night long, make out?
    marstc09: see laugh at me now guys
    BloodyHorns82: Thats after they douche or shower...too clean.
    Prophet: so you pleasured each other then snuggled?
    marstc09: Sometimes there is no taste
    NodakPaul: *brother
    triedandtruevikesfan: It wasn't the taste so much... as just the experience
    BloodyHorns82: It's bitter like beer. Whats not to like?
    NodakPaul: *frother
    NodakPaul: amen borther Zeus
    Zeus: I love the taste
    triedandtruevikesfan: LMAO
    NodakPaul: obviously
    marstc09: Did you not like the taste?
    erik5032: wait is this a true story?
    erik5032: giggidy giggidy goo
    BloodyHorns82: Did she feel yours?
    Zeus: NP - will you be sending each of us the transcript?
    triedandtruevikesfan: lol.. no proph... like I said... not really my thing
    BloodyHorns82: Just tulk it in your waist band. lol
    Prophet: what about the breasts?
    NodakPaul: Dear Penthouse...
    marstc09: ughhhh
    Zeus: I need to tuck under my desk
    Prophet: are you salivating just thinking about it?
    marstc09: Too hairy would turn me off to TNT
    Zeus: oooooooooooo
    triedandtruevikesfan: no... we were both shaved
    Prophet: why not? was she shaven?
    Zeus: Not hair enough?
    BloodyHorns82: Cheesey?
    triedandtruevikesfan: lol... it wasn't bad or anything
    NodakPaul: too hairy?
    marstc09: Dirty?
    BloodyHorns82: Not a fan of taco?
    Zeus: Was she not clean?
    triedandtruevikesfan: I did return the favor... but thats where I had my issues
    Zeus: Best BIG O, that is
    Prophet: flat tongue or rolled up?
    Zeus: Best you ever had?
    BloodyHorns82: Woooooooooooooooooot !!!
    erik5032: go ahead with your sexcapades
    NodakPaul: and did you return the favor TNT
    triedandtruevikesfan: she did
    erik5032: LMAO
    Zeus: So - TNT - she pleasured you all the way to the Big "O"?
    BloodyHorns82: mood killer erik
    marstc09: your ruining the vibe Erik
    BloodyHorns82: STFU Erik! Don't you see what is happening here!!!!!!!!
    Prophet: did you get her going with your tongue?
    erik5032: haha
    NodakPaul: dammit erik
    triedandtruevikesfan: lmao
    erik5032: no one could catch a guy who could runa 3.54 40 yard dash
    NodakPaul: erik - you suck
    Zeus: ERIK SHUT UP
    triedandtruevikesfan: of course there was
    erik5032: Ussain Bolt should become a Wide Receiver
    triedandtruevikesfan: I do have to say, she was better at it than any guy
    Zeus: Was there alcohol involved?
    BloodyHorns82: Did you cuddle afterwards?
    triedandtruevikesfan: oh I don't know proph... long enough
    Prophet: did you like her technique?
    Prophet: how long?
    triedandtruevikesfan: I was shy
    triedandtruevikesfan: she did
    triedandtruevikesfan: I actually don't know if I ever told him this story
    BloodyHorns82: *session
    Zeus: So - who went first?
    BloodyHorns82: Are we in the Q and A section yet? Or still listening to the story line TNT?
    triedandtruevikesfan: LMAO Z
    NodakPaul: shhh, she's back
    Zeus: No wonder Del was attracted to her - it reminded him of his fishing trips
    BloodyHorns82: One of us should call her desk line and tie up the extension so she quits getting interupted with calls.
    triedandtruevikesfan: alright...
    BloodyHorns82: hell
    BloodyHorns82: She's acting like a politician.
    Zeus: Who the **** wants to travel when we've got hot lesbian action happening?
    BloodyHorns82: this is agony
    Prophet: lot of unanswered questions
    Prophet: we don't know that
    BloodyHorns82: She said brb again.
    NodakPaul: she didn't say.. yet
    Zeus: Did TNT go first?
    NodakPaul: highlight of the yell
    NodakPaul: triedandtruevikesfan : no not 69... we each went seperately
    NodakPaul: marstc09: 69
    BloodyHorns82: Who doesn't like pink taco? I mean seriously. Even women love that ****.
    Prophet: yeah, have to know which one it was
    marstc09: a lot
    NodakPaul: everything
    Zeus: Someone stopped by my cube - what did I miss???
    NodakPaul: I figure either she didn't like the other girl's technique, or didn't like the pink taco herself...
    BloodyHorns82: *Prophet
    BloodyHorns82: I'm no quitter Proh.
    BloodyHorns82: lol
    NodakPaul: lol
    CTVikingfan: Why didnt I join this site earlier
    Prophet: lmao, BH had to quit midstroke
    marstc09: This is like blue balls
    NodakPaul: oh dear God
    BloodyHorns82: Noooooooooooooo!!!!! !!!!!
    marstc09: wtf
    triedandtruevikesfan: brb again
    NodakPaul: better or worse than men?
    BloodyHorns82: What turned you off? Sounds hot as hell to me.
    marstc09: nice!
    BloodyHorns82: Took turns?
    NodakPaul: shazam!
    triedandtruevikesfan: no not 69... we each went seperately
    marstc09: 69
    triedandtruevikesfan: her bed... I still lived at home at the time
    marstc09: What happend that night?
    triedandtruevikesfan: there was no strap ons... lol
    BloodyHorns82: Who's bed?
    triedandtruevikesfan: and spent the night together
    Prophet: details...
    triedandtruevikesfan: so anyways... we hook up the following weekend
    BloodyHorns82: Zzzzzz
    NodakPaul: <cut scene to the following weekend>
    BloodyHorns82: Just hit the DnD button
    BloodyHorns82: So anyways, she had big fake boobies...and?
    NodakPaul: I took my phone off the hook
    BloodyHorns82: j/k
    Prophet: are you all hot talking about this?
    BloodyHorns82: My phone is ringing right now and I'm not answering!
    triedandtruevikesfan: lol... I am and work and I do have to answer the phone when it rings
    Prophet: ok, the scene is set. #s exchanged, called.....
    BloodyHorns82: Knowing it is being saved will surely scare her off.
    Zeus: Rock on, NP!
    NodakPaul: I have the conversatin all the way back to TNT saying "my boss just gave me a passport application"
    BloodyHorns82: Thats not all she'll be massaging.
    Zeus: I think she's getting the boss to come over to massage her shoulders while she tells us
    BloodyHorns82: It's worse than a ****ing commercial break during the Vikings games.
    NodakPaul: I just got it
    Zeus: (Is anyone saving this whole convo?)
    BloodyHorns82: lol
    NodakPaul: lol
    BloodyHorns82: Hold on...let me grab a kleenex.
    marstc09: brb??????????
    Prophet: what? brb after setting it up?
    Zeus: BRB??? YOU TEASE!
    NodakPaul: (she's shuttin gthe door...)
    marstc09: and......
    BloodyHorns82: drooling
    triedandtruevikesfan: brb
    triedandtruevikesfan: (and yes bh... she had big boobs... but they were fake)
    triedandtruevikesfan: so we exchanged numbers and all that fun stuff and met up the next weekend
    Zeus: Don't scare her off, BH!
    BloodyHorns82: then what?
    NodakPaul: shhhh . let her talk
    BloodyHorns82: Oh yeah...mother daughter sex - HOT!
    triedandtruevikesfan: which I thought was really weird, but hey... why not
    Zeus: Strap-on?
    triedandtruevikesfan: I was like 19... I had met this girl at a party with a bunch of friends and she hit on me...
    marstc09: LOL Prop
    BloodyHorns82: Was she hot? Did she have big boobs? Or were they itty bitty titties?
    Zeus: Yes - work is secondary to your experimentation stories
    Prophet: was it with your mom?
    NodakPaul: no way - can't concentrate now
    BloodyHorns82: You can't leave us hanging
    marstc09: work can wait
    Prophet: come on tnt, how did it start?
    triedandtruevikesfan: lol
    triedandtruevikesfan: you all need to go back to work
    BloodyHorns82: Set the mood first.
    NodakPaul: it is like my radar went off. Lesbian stories? where?
    Zeus: NOW - everyone BE QUIET - and let TNT recreate the scene
    BloodyHorns82: LOL....I was just about to get back to work.
    Zeus: LOL - all of PPO is coming out of the woodwork now, NP!
    marstc09: always a need
    BloodyHorns82: Oh there is a need.
    Zeus: Oh - there's a HUGE need
    NodakPaul: wow, ok that's it. I am officially not doing any more work today. just watching the yell from now on
    triedandtruevikesfan: lol... I don't think there's a need to go into the stories, it was a long time ago
    marstc09: details please.
    Zeus: Good call, Proph
    BloodyHorns82: We don't want to get the stories mixed up.
    BloodyHorns82: Good idea prophet.
    Prophet: ok, start with the girl and then move onto the threesome
    BloodyHorns82: what happened?
    Zeus: I'm not going to be able to get up from desk for an hour after this
    Zeus: Yeah
    BloodyHorns82: What is it about girls that you don' like TNT?
    triedandtruevikesfan: lol
    triedandtruevikesfan: I've had a 3some and I've been with just a girl
    Zeus: Double sausage fest!
    marstc09: Tell but let me close the door first
    triedandtruevikesfan: lol... there's not going to be a next time... I learned (through experience) that I'm not into girls
    Prophet: was it two girls and a guy?
    BloodyHorns82: Niiiiiice.
    Prophet: the last time was a threesome if i remember correctly
    BloodyHorns82: Next time do us a favor and at least film the session.
    Zeus: PPO Story Time!
    Prophet: you can't stop at once
    Zeus: DO TELL
    triedandtruevikesfan: no thanks... I've had those experiences... I don't want them with my boss, or anyone else for that matter
    BloodyHorns82: Free floss!!!
    marstc09: Like when you find a hair in your food
    Zeus: Gives you something to floss with, however
    triedandtruevikesfan: lovely
    BloodyHorns82: Bait her TNT.
    marstc09: The thought of it makes me gag
    triedandtruevikesfan: LOL
    BloodyHorns82: *throat
    BloodyHorns82: Your like...excuse me *clear throad repeatedly until running to the bathroom to gargle some water.
    Prophet: ok, so now that we have confirmed that tnt's boss is a lesbo..why aren't there any stories about her?
    marstc09: **** ya that ruins the moment
    BloodyHorns82: You don't want to get any hairs in your throat.
    marstc09: I ID
    BloodyHorns82: The balder the long as they're legal.
    marstc09: No like a big booty baldy
    BloodyHorns82: Just like an 8 year old girl Mars.
    BloodyHorns82: Mmmmmmmm mammaries.
    marstc09: There should be no carpet Zeus
    Prophet: how can you not wonder, she's hovering over your desk checking out your mammaries
    BloodyHorns82: You should find out. Experimenting leads to experience which will lead to job promotion.
    BloodyHorns82: Most lesbos are married with children...fact. (from my ass)
    triedandtruevikesfan: well I don't plan on finding out if thats the truth
    Zeus: You can be married, have kids and still munch carpet
    Zeus: That means NOTHING
    triedandtruevikesfan: it could all be a front I suppose
    triedandtruevikesfan: I haven't, no. But, she's married and has 2 kids
    Zeus: How do you really know, TNT? Have you made a pass that was rejected?
    Prophet: Just wondering.
    triedandtruevikesfan: lol... no
    Prophet: is your boss a lesbian tnt?
    triedandtruevikesfan: not so subtle
    Zeus: She's sending you a subtle hint
    triedandtruevikesfan: lol... my boss just gave me a passport application
    RK.: very zen
    RK.: I was thinking of just the packed and swept dirt look
    BleedinPandG: you could always cement over your entire yard...
    RK.: the new reality


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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    Re: Epic moments in PP.O history

    Quote Originally Posted by "Zeus" #1104854
    The greatest day in PPO history.

    Read from the bottom up.


    Get help, dude... or Cinemax.

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    Re: Epic moments in PP.O history

    Ah the memories. This conversation STILL cracks me up...
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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