Let the spelling nazis stand down.

You don't know the status of people's language skills. We have people from all corners of the world; some do not use English as a first language. You should welcome your purple brother trying so hard.

You don't know if they have a disability that makes it more difficult for them. I am proud to offer a home for anyone willing to make the effort to post and communicate their pride. There is an individual or two I know on this board that I like an awful lot but who have dyslexia or similar. Should I be rude to them?

In fact, you don't really have the right to place yourself above others.

I had a spell check on here years ago. You know what? Who cares?

I will tell you what I always say: people judge you based upon impressions garnered from your speech and your behavior. It is up to you the presence you wish to pursue and the legacy you impart.

But I will never say I am better than anyone else simply because I understand possessives or contractions. Its just like other fans who have the mistaken notion that they are elite and have all the answers.

My friend, it just isn't so.

Finally, check out most other message boards and you will find it is even worse than here. Our members tend to be some of the most eloquent; in fact, it helps shape the community and others join in. Just ask our resident Potty Mouth. He came in a blazin'; and he rapidly came to realize all the slang wasn't necessary. Now I read his posts.

That's worth the effort, but its not mandatory.