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    endzone celebrations

    I just read a couple of comments from some of their defensive players and they were saying that they knew how explosive the Vikes could be. Also we all know that without TO their offense is hampered. Its not like they blew us out in the second week. If our D shows up again they are going to be hard pressed.

    VIKINGS TEAM RANK: Rushing Offense -- 113.9 yards per game (18th in NFL); Passing Offense -- 282.3 ypg (2nd); Total Offense -- 396.2 ypg (4th). Rushing Defense -- 125.4 ypg (21st); Passing Defense -- 243.0 ypg (27th); Total Defense -- 368.4 ypg (28th).

    EAGLES TEAM RANK: Rushing Offense -- 102.4 yards per game (24th); Passing Offense -- 248.7 ypg (7th); Total Offense -- 355.1 ypg (9th). Rushing Defense -- 118.9 ypg (16th); Passing Defense -- 200.8 ypg (12th); Total Defense -- 310.8 ypg (10th).
    You can see their rushing offense isn't all that good and without TO their passing offense isn't all that good either. Our D has a good chance to hold them to a low scoring game. If our offense shows up we have a great chance to beat them I think.


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    endzone celebrations

    I think Randy should do his impression of T.O. doing his impression of Ray Lewis doing his impression of a possesed madman.
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    endzone celebrations

    i think culp should :bootyshake: and moss should do the flexx in the eagles head w/ his foot on the ball. /. thatd be something 2 cheer for. :hello1:

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    endzone celebrations

    What if Moss ran out to the middle of the field and did this over the Eagle (or whatever they got there that resembles a dumped load :bootyshake:

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