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    Early Birthday present

    Day before my birthday and am I happy :grin:

    My dear wife, who has been out of work since the end of April, started her new job today. She is working nearer home and is at a much better firm than she was before.
    As she is now back in full time employment we are now able to come out to Minneapolis again this season to take in a game !
    So we have just spent the evening booking the flights, hotel and game tickets - wonderful ! I now know that football is back again :cheers:

    Anyone going to the Cardinals game Thanksgiving weekend then look out - Anglo will be in the Dome and in full voice - see you then !

    Skol !
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Re: Early Birthday present

    Well Happy Birthday Anglo!!! That is a FABULOUS birthday present. Congrats to your wife on the new job as well! I'm sure its a big relief to both of you!

    I myself am hoping my boyfriend will suprise me with a trip to Minnesota for the Vikings/Bears game. (That's my birthday weekend) But we shall see!! I've been dropping hints since the schedule came out that its what I want for my b-day!!!

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    Re: Early Birthday present

    Happy Birthday to Yee!!!

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