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    Dykstra's business: a bed of 'Nails'

    Very interesting article about former baseball player Lenny Dykstra. It's a pretty sad story, but this guy seems like a real jack@ss.

    [size=14pt]Dykstra's business: a bed of 'Nails'[/size]

    CAMARILLO, Calif. -- He's slumped behind a desk, looking frumpy in a sweater vest and tan cap. Tonight, he is living the life of an entrepreneur, pushing to get out the next issue of his glossy athletes-only magazine while he sneaks peeks at the financial news and stock charts on a bank of three super-sized computer screens behind him.

    The scrappy old center fielder, remembered as "Nails" by adoring Mets and Phillies fans, is chasing money, lots of it -- "cheddar," as it's called in his SoCal lingo. Without being asked, the self-styled investment master -- who, at this moment, is up to his thick neck in lawsuits -- volunteers that he's worth $60 million.


    Last month, though, on March 23, Dykstra picked up the phone and woke up his mother with a call at around 6 in the morning, according to Kevin Dykstra, his younger brother. Lenny was stranded in Cleveland. He wanted to charter a jet so he could get to a business meeting on the West Coast, and his credit cards were maxed out. He needed nearly $23,000 and asked his mother for it, Kevin says.

    His mother agreed to let him use her credit card.

    Kevin Dykstra says she has yet to be repaid.

    "He had no money," says Lenny's brother. "He is on the phone, crying to my mom, saying he has got to get home and he is in Cleveland, Ohio. He asked my mom to put up her credit card for 23 grand. That is just sick, dude."
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    Re: Dykstra's business: a bed of 'Nails'

    I saw the HBO interview, he looks like a mess

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