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I saw this for the first time today on ESPN.com.


The Wolves are gonna get like 4 first round draft picks this year... lol
Too bad McHale sucks at drafting.
Maybe as the coach they won't give him any input on who they draft.

Hell, they could fill a tank full of water with gerbils, paint names of prospects on their backs, and pick based on which one drowns first and do a better job of finding talent than McHale has done so far.
I think that was the case..
now he's the HC, he doesn't have a strong voice in the front office.
But I fear that because he's been in the GM for as long as he has...
he'll still have the stronger voice.

I like the talent they have.
I haven't seen a game this year, so I don't know if I like the way they play..
2 years after this year, I'll be expecting some deep playoff runs.
Sorry to say this but its going to be about a decade before we are a force in the league.
We are not a force now and wont be next season...then the 2010 free agent market comes in and im telling you right now...theres no way in hell players are going to want to play for Minny vs. NY, Booklyn, Miami, big market teams.
So all the talent is going to go primarily to those squads and we will once again be forced to build a team by the draft.
The ways things are going right now...our drafting has been a big shithole and i dont see that changing until some new personel comes in and flips this franchise.
Theres no way we are dominant in 2 years the way things are going now...not when you let melo drop 33 on you in a quarter.