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    Don't bet the ranch

    A Welsh rugby fan has spoken out about how he hacked off his own testicles after his team beat England.

    Geoffrey Huish, 31, took an agonising ten minutes to perform the op using a pair of blunt wire cutters, says the Sun.

    Then he put his severed parts in a blue plastic bag and staggered to a social club to tell fellow Wales fans what he'd done.

    Jobless Geoffrey finally collapsed with blood pouring from his groin as horrified drinkers put his testicles in a pint glass of ice.

    They were handed to paramedics who rushed him to hospital - but surgeons could not sew them back.

    Geoffrey, of Senghenydd, spent several months in a psychiatric unit as experts tried to fathom his actions.

    He said: “I’d told my pal Gethin Probert before the game that Wales didn’t stand a chance. It wasn’t a bet, but I said I’d cut my balls off if we won...

    “So I started hacking away at my tackle. It took about ten minutes and there was quite a lot of pain — but I just kept going.

    “The cutters were blunt so I had to keep snipping. I cut my penis as well. There was a lot of blood but not as much as you would expect.�

    He added: “I think about what happened every day and still haven’t come up with a good reason why. I’d had a lot going on and felt a bit down. I can’t have kids now, but still want a family. Maybe I’ll adopt.�
    Someone this stupid should not be allowed to adopt. Whats incredible is that he did this because his team won. :roll:


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    Re: Don't bet the ranch

    WTF what was that guy thinking?? What a psycho!

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    Re: Don't bet the ranch

    omg my gonadz hurt right now just reading that....wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fffff

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    Re: Don't bet the ranch

    i always knew rugby players were different!!!!!!! j/k. but no not really!!!

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    Re: Don't bet the ranch

    That guy had balls.

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    Re: Don't bet the ranch

    reminds me of packer fans
    "Johnson, we will keep on beating them until morale improves."

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    Re: Don't bet the ranch

    "Prophet" wrote:
    That guy had balls.
    LMAO! "Had" being the key word of course!

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Don't bet the ranch

    im pysco but not that psyco.

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