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    Re: Donnie Deutsch is an arrogant self-righteous bass turd!

    "Webby" wrote:
    And there should be no more threads like this.

    Remember the no politics rule?

    Time to recall that and put it firmly in place.
    Code of Conduct

    No politics.
    If you would like to share any political views with another member you may do so via Private Messages.
    Political threads or posts will be locked; no questions asked.

    To me that means NO political threads of any kind whatsoever, whether there is heated debate in it or not? They shouldn't even be started. They reek of urging a heated debate to happen.

    Has there ever been a political thread that hasn't eventually been locked? Why wait for a heated debate, resentment & animosity to occur before locking it?

    It's like shutting a barn door after the horses are gone.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Donnie Deutsch is an arrogant self-righteous bass turd!

    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    "Mikecarter81" wrote:
    LOL, the Liberal media thing is funny.
    I've studied global policy and news for along time and while it was implied, it never has been such an issue as it is now.

    yet call me paranoid, but its just an old bait and switch by the Republican think tank.

    If people really looked past the stupid argument. They instead addressed what was really going on, people would realize how twisted things are at home.
    I mean if I was mostly responsible for 166 billion dollars to date on a war against both Iraq and Afganistan, over 3800 american casualties and had no nuclear weapons to show for it, around 600,000 iraqi casualties.
    I'd do everything in my media power to turn the attention to some other reason.
    The republicans are doing the same thing.
    I mean think about it who has a motive for blurring reality right now and focusing on a stupid topic as slanted media.

    Added that one in for you. I think everyone needs to watch the movie outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism. No, it's not from michael moore but they do interview Al Franken. Sorry Tarkenton10.

    Their argument against fox news is this- There is absolutely no problem with having a conservative TV show or all day Conservative news network. The problem is that they claim to be "fair and balanced", say things like "we report, you decide" etc. I know some americans aren't that stupid but c'mon.. It's ridiculous. You can't claim you're fair and balanced when you prop some idiot wiener up there like Colmes and try to have him argue against a plethora of conservative pundits. Outfoxed really shows how the station turns the attention towards random and stupid issues when there is time of crisis within something the conservatives support. Let's see them put the actual iraqi casualty numbers up there or talk about Darfur for once.
    You failed the litmus test too my friend.

    CNBC also claims to be fair and balanced.
    Neither station is.
    If you can't see that, then you are blinded by one bias or the other.

    it is OK to be biased left or right.
    I just want people to realize that they are...
    Yes, but no liberal station is biased to the extent that fox news is biased. Seriously, watch outfoxed.
    I don't watch MSNBC, or Fox News regularly (MSNBC was Fox news Jr. a few years back if anyone remembers. I believe it started to head back towards the left when Olbermann came back in 2003). I do watch Fox News when I want to get a conservative spin on a story and see how the other side feels about it though.

    And just to stir up the pot a bit, here's a fun and recent ann coulter quote

    If we took away women's right to vote, we'd never have to worry about another Democrat president. It's kind of a pipe dream, it's a personal fantasy of mine…
    The adams apple, now she wants to take Women's rights to vote away? Hmmm...
    Fox is most biased in YOUR opinion.
    I find Olberman the most biased and biggest waste of a commetator on TV.
    What is the sense of having a show where everyone on agrees with you.
    I do not see the Fox bias much like you do not see the other stations bias.

    When did women get the right to vote!?!?!!? ;D

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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