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    Dog gets high at the park

    [size=13pt]Owner: My dog got high at the park [/size]

    By Sabra Gertsch

    SEATTLE -- A dog owner thinks her dog got sick after accidentally eating marijuana at a Seattle park, and the theory may not be so far-fetched, according to police records.

    Jack, a Labrador mix, hasn't had a single health problem since Jen Nestor adopted the stray 11 years ago. But Jack's recent run through the woods at Seward Park caused quite a scare.

    Jack's owner said on May 17, Jack wandered off for just three minutes on his own. But three hours later, "his head was rocking back and forth his eyes were glassy," she said.

    Nestor is convinced her dog got high on marijuana at the park. She believes the pot must have been stashed somewhere in the green landscape where she unleashed her dog.

    And in related news Michael Vick got released by the Falcons today... ;D

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    Re: Dog gets high at the park

    hahaha! thats the funniest thing ive read in a long time!

    too bad thats not ricky williams's dog

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    Re: Dog gets high at the park

    I thought you can't get high from eating raw weed?

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