"Prophet" wrote:
"Zeus" wrote:
"Prophet" wrote:
If you wanted to get laid in Brazil and you didn't you have serious problems.
There isn't another place on the planet that I know of that has so many beautiful women that are into casual sex.
So, yes, it is free if you decide to partake.
We talked about this a week ago.
I know all of that.
YOU are the one who is going to go to Brazil and avoid the hot and easy women.

I will not partake in sex, just the eye candy.
I have very important work to do, I have to finish a research project so I can write another journal article that four other people will read.
I really need to re-prioritize now that I think about it.
Unless those four other people are going to be reading it while rubbing their tanned, naked and oily bodies over you, then I say a re-evaluation of your priorities is, indeed, in order.