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Thread: divison champs?

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    divison champs?

    What teams do you think will win there divisons?
    I think Eagles,Vikes,Falcons and an upset.. Cardinals!
    in AFC it'll be Patriots,Ravens,Colts,Raiders.. Big ben will choke this year.

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    Re: divison champs?

    Yeah, Big Ben will come down from his cloud...but the Steelers will probably still be pretty good!

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    Re: divison champs?

    Here, we already have polls and discussions for each division courtesy of midgensa:

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    Re: divison champs?

    It is hard to imagine that the steelers will be as good as hey were last year... but what if... Big Ben is the real deal...? the good thing for him is that he only really has to throw the ball about 20 times a game because they are a running, cut-throat defensive team.

    I am going underdog... Cowboys 11-5, Eagles 11-5, but the cowgirls take the tie breaker.
    the Vikes of course.
    The falcons and the also the Cardinals...they are in a week division with only st. louis to worry about. the seadogs will continue to fall apart.

    Patriots, Pittsburg, Colts and San Diego again. I don't think too much will change in the AFC.

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