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    Discipline despite Calif. bus rescue

    SEASIDE, Calif. - A 15-year-old girl who stopped an out-of-control school bus she was riding on was handed a Saturday detention instead because she was skipping school.

    Marina High School student Amanda Rouse was on a bus with 40 elementary school students Wednesday morning when the driver fell out of her seat after a turn and hit her head.............

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    Re: Discipline despite Calif. bus rescue

    Hmmmm saved a bus load of kids, played hooky, bus load of kids, hooky.
    Maybe the school could give a pass on this one to not look like morons.

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    Re: Discipline despite Calif. bus rescue

    I can see where the school is coming from on this one, you have to keep punishment consistent or somebody will throw a bitch fit. I still think its sad she is being punished, and that our school system has gotten so effed up that no exceptions in policy can be made without having to worry about being sued the next time a kid skips school and gets punished.

    VikesFan787, Thanks for the awesome sig!

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