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    DICK Day R-from owatonna is...

    A complete Moron if he thinks the Vikings/McCombs should have to pay an extra tax. I was listening to KFAN this morning on my way to St.Paul and DICK Day said something about tax payers paid the for metrodome over 20 years ago and now the Vikings should have to pay a tax? I'm sorry for anyone who is from Owatonna but that man must be a die hard puker fan. He is anti-stadium for the Vikings and now he thinks the Vikings should have to pay an extra tax? I think the Vikings bring in pleanty of tax dollars every year. I for one have to put gas in my car every time I drive from Rochester to Minneapolis for Vikings games...Gas is taxed, my liquior i buy is taxed, the resturaunt I stop on my way home I get taxed. There is a state tax on my tickets as well. So 10 times a year I put money into the state that without the Vikings I just like thousands of other Minnesotans wouldn't do. Sorry everyone I had to vent I was thinking about this all day. You know, does anyone have his number in st paul so i can vent to his office as well? I think all Vikings fans need to start voicing their opinions about this Stadium Situation before it's too late. In reality we only have 2 years to get a stadium plan settled to beging building so the place could be done by the end of the lease. It won't be the NFL or Red or whoever owns the team fault if the team moves. We as fans of the purple need to start showing our support for a new staduim. SPEAK UP to your politicians tell them we need a stadium. My god, its not like they are doing anything right now anyways. :argue:
    You republican whore!

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    DICK Day R-from owatonna is...

    Yeah, taxes suck. I do like the tax on gas though. the more you drive the more you pay for the roads, I think that is a fair tax. Now sin taxes on the ohter hand are the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Ok, so I smoke and I drink, I pay all this tax on beer and smokes and yet im expected to pay higher ins. premiums. whats the deal with that? I would think that since im paying more in taxes because im a health liability it would go to lower my ins costs, guess not. Fast food tax, i could care less. I dont eat much fast food. taxes on the tickets I buy to a game should be going to a new stadium. obviously the people that pay the money to go to the games, and pay the taxes on the tickets would rather that money be used to better the team. As for red, I say tax the hell out of him. He wanted the tax payers to buy a new stadium for him costing us what. 300 million? but he has problems giving 25 million to the comunity? He sounds like as big a winner as our elected statesmen.

    Speaking of sin taxes, I think I paid way too many of them tonight. Sorry for the rambling.

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    DICK Day R-from owatonna is...

    Didn't Dick Day play Miserlou?

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    DICK Day R-from owatonna is...

    Jeeezz, Dick was bad today.

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